Editor: Aishwarya Tyagi
Creative Head: Kevin Mendoza
Cover Image: Charley May Smith Photography
Production: QNA International

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The first ever edition of DWP-Insider revolves around the theme of ‘New Beginnings’, not only to mark the start of a brand-new journey in the form of the editorial division of QNA International, but also to applaud the spirit of reinvention and finding new life with regards to the 2018 DWP Congress host – Los Cabos, Mexico. The cultural hub of Mexico today reveals a story of inspiration and passion to excel. Voted as the ultimate wedding destination for 2018, Mexico is well on its way to establish global dominance in the romantic tourism sector, competing neck-to-neck with its European and American counterparts. We explore the dynamic country and make our way into Baja Peninsula’s Los Cabos, which plays the protagonist of our first edition. The magazine revolves around success stories of leading wedding specialists, global pioneers in the field of bridal fashion, stellar hospitality and everything else in between, that depict the tale of the rising phoenix from the ashes of the past in their own unique ways. We also scan through the top reports, studies and global polls to scour the top wedding trends for 2018 to guide you through the new developments in this fascinating industry,from around the world. Through this entire process, we remain as committed as ever, to engage and take inspiration from the best in the business – the people truly shaping the luxury wedding market as we know it. The ‘Real Wedding’ section is the shining star of the DWP universe, that showcases the work of the world’s top wedding planners, photographers and stylists, many of whom are a part of this year’s panel discussions, keynotes and advisory board. Together, this group of global achievers make for the ultimate driving force behind the A-list and aristocratic wedding industry, all of whom are now part of the DWP family.