Match Your Fragrance To Your Upcoming Holiday Destination!

As we approach the summer months and prepare for travel, warm nights, and fun adventures, experts at Rasasi Perfumes, one of the leading perfume brands in the Middle East, help you choose the right fragrances to match the mood and the weather of your holiday destination.


The kind of climate you are in affects both the way your fragrance projects and its lasting power. Hot and humid or cold weather also changes the way a perfume smells throughout the day, because hot weather volatilizes essences faster changing the scent’s composition due to the sweat while cold weather will allow perfumes to linger on for a while.


Here are few expert tips by Rasasi on which perfumes to wear suiting the diverse holiday destinations:


Glorious Beaches



Summer holidays are ideal to sun bathe on the beach, go swimming in the sea or relax at the pool. Rasasi recommends adding Sotoor Raa, a unisex fragrance, to your suitcase when packing for the seaside getaway to fully enjoy the bliss of relaxing on a beach under a clear sunny sky. A tribute to freshness and lightness, the notes of this fragrance promise to invigorate the mind and revitalize the body, making it the ideal day fragrance. To bring out the best of your nautical spirit, Rasasi also recommends Musk Naqaya, a unisex fragrance, especially for an evening at the beach with dry woods and musky notes. The notes refresh you post the dreamy afternoon nap by the waves and help prepare you for the evening escapades in salt and sand.


Captivating Cities



Blissfully losing your way down charming narrow streets and discovering historical sites that echo the past are the hallmarks of a city break. While one prepares to explore what a new and captivating city has to offer, wearing a fragrance that enhances strong traits of your personality can keep you grounded with your true self in a day full of overwhelming sights and encounters in unfamiliar places.


For the city holiday experiences, Rasasi suggests La Yuqawam fragrance for both man and woman. The Arabic name of the perfume that translates as ‘Irresistible’ is ideal to wear as you step out and explore the city. La Yuqawam Pour Femme is a very sensuous ode to feminine elegance and charm and is a perfume for the sophisticated and elegant woman who revels in the power of her personality and uses her perfume to enhance it. She is not afraid to explore or connect and is more than ready for the transformational journey. La Yuqawam Tobacco Blaze offers the wearer the freedom to explore and be immersed in a myriad of exciting sights and sounds. It’s a perfume that pays ultimate homage to the warm, dark, intense yet sophisticated sensuality of the contemporary man.


Charming Countryside



To compliment the sweet smell of flowers and grass drifting through the air, soft and floral fragrances with a light citrus note are perfect when visiting the countryside. Fragrance experts at Rasasi suggest avoiding strong oriental and amber fragrances and embrace a softer scent to keep you fresh throughout the day when traveling to the already aromatic flower beds and green fields. Try Musk Hareer (unisex), Sotoor Seen (unisex) or Junoon Satin (Pour Homme/Pour Femme) when visiting the countryside.



All Photographs Courtesy: Rasasi Perfumes 

Feature Image Credit: Kiuikson/Getty Images