Middle Eastern Delicacies You Must Try!

Gorge on these scrumptious, mouth-watering Middle Eastern delicacies! Each dish representing the authentic rich culture of Arabia. Come enjoy these speciality dishes in cosmopolitan Dubai. Here’s calling all you globetrotters to savour the delectable ethnic Middle Eastern cuisine!


Photograph Courtesy: Joe Lingeman


Photograph Courtesy: Jo Cooks


Photograph Courtesy: www.recipesaresimple.com


Photograph Courtesy: Visit Dubai


Photograph Courtesy: Dylan + Jeni


Photograph Courtesy: Julie Van Rosendaal


Photograph Courtesy: Munaty Cooking


Photograph Courtesy: berladelphia/pixabay


Photograph Courtesy: Sheetal Bhagnari Food Photography


Photograph Courtesy: Amal



Feature Image Credit: Atlantis, The Palm