On The Wild Side: Kenyan Safari Escapades

A safari is an experience like no other. A journey alongside the vast countryside, Kenya is home to the hugely popular big five amongst various wildlife animals. You have the chance to capture the stunning natural beauty in all its glory and get up close and personal with wildlife in their natural habitat. Here are the top picks of safari parks in Kenya that are a must to explore!



Masai Mara National Reserve

Where better to kick off your African adventure than a visit to the world renowned Masai Mara National Reserve? It is by far the best location to view the Great Migration: the annual movement of zebra, gazelle and wildebeest to and from the Serengeti in Tanzania. The National Reserve is inclusive of its phenomenal population of, African leopards, Masai lions and Tanzanian cheetahs. It is a national treasure filled with adventurous action at every turn!



Safety Tip: Always adhere to what your guide tells you. They have encountered several incidences so trust that they know what’s best for you!


Amboseli National Park

Overlooking the glorious, jaw-dropping Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania’s very own iconic landmark, the Amboseli National Park is the hub of some of the largest tuskers you’ll ever see. Being treated to the majestic view of incredible wildlife species that consist/consisting of zebras, giraffes, spotted hyenas, leopards, impalas, cheetahs along with over 370 species of birds is nothing short of a spectacular sight!

As the Kenya Wildlife Service elucidates, ‘nature lovers can explore five different habitats here ranging from the dried-up bed of Lake Amboseli, wetlands with sulphur springs, savannah and woodland’.



Safety Tip: Famously known as the ‘Roof Of Africa’, Mt. Kilimanjaro is a volcanic abyss that naturally creates its own weather conditions. Hence, owing to its unpredictable weather patterns, you should be prepared to beat the frosty winds and the bitter chill by keeping warm with fleece infused clothing. Be sure to pack some thermals and hand warmers as well!


Lake Nakuru National Park

Make the most of your African adventure by arranging a perfect day-trip to the breathtaking Lake Nakuru National Park which is only a couple of hours away from the vibrant city life of Nairobi. The shores of Lake Nakuru are enveloped by millions of territorial pink flamingos amongst hosting several rhinos, zebras, ostriches, lions, etc. You could even encounter seasonal waterfalls that enhance the lavish dreamscape.



Safety Tip: Be sure to never feed any animals, as this can cause them to lose their fear of humans.


Tsavo National Parks

The epitome of wilderness, Tsavo’s two national parks form the largest protected wildlife sanctuary in Kenya. Home to colossal dormant volcanic cones and a lava bed that combine to manifest a histrionic landscape, Tsavo National Parks is enormous in nature. The addition of natural springs, swamps and mammoth rocky hills further enhance this picturesque beauty. Also, the spectacle of elephants spraying the incandescent blue waters of the Galana River is one you’ll cherish for life!




Safety Tip: Avoid wearing bright coloured clothes. Vibrant colours can attract unwanted attention and possible aggression from elephants, especially from species who are extremely protective of their young.


Samburu Game Reserve

In Swahili, safari means ‘journey’ and Samburu is an incredible game reserve to start the perfect adventure. The environment is habituated by flourished vegetation ranging from shrubs and dry grassland to doum palm trees. With it lying on the Equator, it is not only infested with wildlife but animals native to both sides of the line can be found in the same place.



Safety Tip: Never tease any wild animals as this may cause an unpredictable and potentially life-threatening response.


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