Once Upon A Merry Christmas

Along with the festive cheer, ornate adornments and a sense of joy and togetherness, Christmas is a festival that celebrates several merry weddings. Get inspired by these holiday-themed ideas for your very own white Christmas nuptials!


Under The Mistletoe


Photographs Courtesy: @aliciakingphoto, Chris Gouberis and @svatebnikoordinator


Make it a December to remember! Whether your day is sprinkled with snow or there’s simply a magical chill in the air, celebrate in style during the most romantic season. 


Baby, It’s Cold Outside!


Photographs Courtesy: @tundekratancsik and @nicoleadelephotography


Say “I do” under the mistletoe to begin your incredible journey as a couple like no other! A sacred ritual under the age old tradition will be one that you can treasure for the rest of your lives.


Berried Bouquets


Photographs Courtesy: @npatton.photos and @dgiouvris


Not only do berries pair stunningly with floral arrangements and bouquets, but the diverse range of colours in which they come make them a versatile alternative to compliment almost any colour scheme. They’ll brighten up your decor and provide a divine fragrance…favourable either way!


Christmassy Cakes


Photograph Courtesy:@nitschkeweddingphotography


Commemorate your special day by indulging in some exceptional Christmas themed cakes. With fresh fruit or magnificent accents tailored for the occasion, drip cakes are the perfect way to add a tinge of colour to your festive day!


Celebratory Invites


Photographs Courtesy: @paperstudiobyc, @ashiamosleyphotography and Chris Gouberis


Be inspired by the cheerful occasion and make your invitations unique and unforgettable for your guests by including hues of reds and green coupled with images of beautiful floral wreaths. Wreaths are festive decorations hung during Christmas time, which symbolise eternity, whilst the evergreen that is frequently utlised in the making of wreaths represents growth and everlasting. Is there a better way to begin your marital life?!




Photographs Courtesy: Jennifer Weems Photography, Alice G. Patterson and Bubbly Nature Creations


Incorporate the festive occasion into your favours, like this couple who decided to give out Christmas tree ornaments. Hot chocolate is a classic pick for winter. But there are so many more creative ways to serve it than in a packet — like in a Christmas bauble. Mason jar snow globes are a cinch to make. Create a wintry scene or fill them with meaningful trinkets.


Feature Image Credit: Shutterstock