Orchestrating Magical Weddings At Atlantis, The Palm

Filled with sheer extravagance and a wide array of luxurious wedding venues to choose from, Atlantis, The Palm is currently one of the hottest properties that one can host their dream destination wedding at. Ian Renton, the Director of Groups, Marine & Water Park Sales of Atlantis, The Palm reveals all in this exclusive chat about the resort’s unique attributes and lavish ceremonial venues.



What makes Atlantis, The Palm an attractive destination to host a wedding?


Ian: Well, I think Atlantis in itself is a destination within a destination. I think we’ve got such a wide variety of venues from, from our indoor venues to our outdoor venues and again, we cater to a wide spectrum of different cultures and nationalities and that is represented in our food and beverage products that we’ve got.


What are the various venues within Atlantis, The Palm one can host a dream wedding?


Ian: So, we can go from our Grand Atlantis Ballroom which can accommodate up to 1,200 people. It’s got a very generous ceiling height which enables wedding planners and ourselves to really customize the venue into the bride’s dream wedding. We then go into our Nasimi Beach which we were proud to showcase during the Congress. It is an outdoor venue which can take around 500 people and again it’s got the backdrop of Dubai and that can also be customized into the look and feel of how the bride sees her big day being. We then go to more unique venues which is the Lost Chambers Aquarium that we can book out privately for guests. Again, that can hold around 500 people and you are surrounded by 65,000 marine animals inside there, so it is an ideal space for a cocktail reception and definitely something very unique that we pride ourselves upon.


With attendees coming from over 70 countries and experiencing the hospitality of Atlantis, The Palm through the DWP Congress, how do you think it has benefitted the property?


Ian: For me personally, I think especially in the weddings segment and that side of the business, it really is seeing is believing. So, having the participants on the resort experiencing our services, our products, our venues, first hand is really paramount for them, then selling it on to prospective brides and grooms. With it being a global event, we were able to capture or cast a wide net for wedding planners globally.



Feature Image Credit: Atlantis, The Palm