Organic-Concept: Tent Your Way To Your Wedding

When we talk about emerging trends in modern weddings, innovations, and idiosyncratic designs, Organic-Concept is one company that immediately clicks in the mind. Truly a game-changer in the modern wedding space, they have revolutionized the tent industry by offering an alternative to the more classical marquees that were on offer at that time. Pioneers of tents with waving peaks, sweeping tent panels, solid wood poles, unique tents, floors, lighting, and accessories; they are all set to change the wedding space one tent at a time.

As the official marquee partner for the prestigious Destination Wedding Planners Congress taking place from the 1st to the 3rd of April in Greece, we got in touch with the CEO of Organic-Concept, Sébastien Meiresonne who revealed the tales of this brand, the meticulous execution of weddings that they do, as well as their association with DWP Congress 2020.



Tell us more about your background and the idea behind Organic-Concept.


The name Organic-Concept refers to the first type of tent we launched our business with onto the European market in 2009, the Organic Stretch tent which perfectly blends into the natural surroundings, and can be adapted to fit so many different looks. We quickly understood that we created a new market, and therefore we went searching for complimentary products – and so we added Organic Silhouette Tents, Organic Bamboo Tipi’s and Organic Wooden Flat Domes over the years. These products were picked up quickly by the Tomorrowland festival, for which we were already covering VIP stages. This year we are creating a new concept, an entire range of custom prints, presented in different collections, these inside printed sails that follow the natural shape of our tents are telling our customer’s stories throughout their design. We are stoked to keep on developing new products and build the most amazing set up’s on locations throughout the world! As our saying goes, “we create the setting, you share the memories,” it’s all about opening our hearts to one another and adding some magic to this world the Organic-Concept way.



What are the requests you are receiving from clients when it comes to rentals?


We receive different types of requests, from standard-shaped tents out of our rental inventory, to custom fits and even special designs for single time usage. We love to work out a set up that blends into the customer’s location like nothing else; that is why customers contact us, as they know we have the products to accommodate them best. We design special projects eg. building tents and structures on pontoons on the water, on rooftops or very technical locations. We often work with a mix of our tents and structures, as they are perfectly compatible with each other by their organic look. We have a very large rental park and have much experience with international projects which demand a certain experience in logistics, preparation, and execution.



How is the modern wedding space changing, and why couples are opting for unique trends like tents for their wedding?


Couples today want to personalize their wedding more and more. They want to decorate their wedding locations in a more detailed and ecological way. Tents are the perfect way to fully personalize your wedding party. You can decorate them to your heart’s desire, and they offer a unique experience and atmosphere. There is something very charming and romantic about the concept of creating your wedding venue. Would you like an Organic Silhouette tent or a trendy Organic Stretch Tent? The possibilities are endless these days. There are so many different types of wedding tents that you can choose exactly what kind of tent you like the best. More and more people want to get married outdoors (in gardens, romantic outdoor locations, meaningful locations) and a tent is a perfect solution for this.



Tell us about the most exclusive project you’ve worked on until now.


We’ve worked on quite a number of exclusive projects, but if I must choose one, I would say the installation we performed at the private island Mustique in the Caribbean. We installed a 200m long half-moon shaped organic stretch tent that covered the entire bay for one long table set up between the palm trees and the ocean. It was an event for the celebration of the 50th year of the formation of the Mustique Company – quite a mouthful, and it looked magical! A yearly recurring event that we absolutely love is the WECANDANCE Boutique Festival taking place at Zeebrugge Beach every summer; here, we placed around 7000 m2 of structures.




What are the trends you see taking shape for special events in 2020?


Color of the year- Classic Blue will be widely seen in weddings along with statement decor pieces. A perfect lighting concept at your wedding is essential. Couples are increasingly choosing to live more sustainably and personalizing it more and more. It is precisely for that reason that 2020 is the year of micro weddings. Reflective constructions and arches that make you experience a kind of unreal, magical feeling of endlessness. DJ Tiësto married last year under beautiful mirror arches in the desert. Stay invisible or create numerous optical illusions!



What’s your current favorite wedding style?


Our favorite wedding style is Bohemian Chique. This style has a relaxed yet elegant vibe. Bohemian weddings usually include an element of nature, which is what tent weddings almost always include. Our tents are perfect to create this style and personalize it for every customer.



How does it feel to be associated as the Marquee Partner for DWP Congress 2020?


We feel it is an honor to be selected as an exclusive partner. It is a reward for all our hard work for the past 10 years. Our products are perfect for the type of events organized by the DWP Congress attendees, and it will be a true pleasure to meet new potential business relations for whom we can build the set up as their customers would dream. We’ve been expanding our network in and outside of Europe and see this as an opportunity for international growth in the coming years.





All Images Supplied By Organic-Concept