Baby, You’re A Firework! : Parente Fireworks

Fireworks play an extremely important role in elevating the grandeur of any event. The sheer vibrance and burst of colours lighting up the sky is enthralling and and draws in the guests’ attention. Parente Fireworks Group (PFG) is an Italian company that specializes in large scale pyrotechnic shows and is one of the most famous and prestigious manufacturing pyrotechnic company. The team behind the miraculous fireworks display that took place at the regal Villa Erba in the spectacular Lake Como, discloses details about their experience on partnering with the Planners Xtraordinaire Show.


Tell us about yourself and your incredible company. Where did it all start?


The origins of the company “Parente Fireworks ” dates back to the end of the 19th Century, when the original family founder, Romualdo Parente, following his immense passion for fireworks, decided to pursue this activity in the town where he lived. The Parente family, was at that time living in South East Italy in an agricultural area. The escalating interest quickly became a trend as fireworks shows stared taking place during religious events. As a result of the constant improvements and expansions, the production establishment now covers a vast area and consists of several buildings used as storehouses as well as vehicle sheds, in addition to approximately twenty workshops and sixteen authorized warehouses for the storage of fireworks.

Today, the company has organised shows and performances in over twenty-six countries, from national to sport events, inaugurations of buildings or stadiums, mega corporate conventions, concerts to purely pyrotechnic festivals with numerous recognized international awards. In 2012, Parente Fireworks entered the ‘Guinness World Book Of Records’ for the production of the largest fireworks in the world during the 50th anniversary celebrations of the constitution held in Kuwait. Throughout the EXPO 2015 event, Parente Fireworks carried out both the pyrotechnic special effects on the ‘Tree of life’ and the pyrotechnic show of the closing ceremony.



What design styles did you work with for the Planners Xtraordinaire Show?


For the PX Show we presented an Italian Pyromusical show synchronized with a special soundtrack composed of some famous, traditional Italian songs. The Italian fireworks combined with melodious tunes managed to create a magical ambiance at Villa Erba.


Where were the magical fireworks imported from?


Most of the fireworks were manufactured in our own facilities, where know-how, experience and lineage contributed towards manufacturing high quality products as well as fulfilling all safety requirements according to the CE-directive. The ongoing development of choosing the appropriate colour palette based on the theme devised and the constant research for the most innovative and bizarre forms of the fireworks displays ensure the success of our shows, which are well-known worldwide for their innovation and grandeur.



What kinds of pyrotechnic art and special effects did you incorporate for the fireworks display at the Planners Xtraordinaire Show?


We used different kinds of fireworks, such as: roman candles, spherical shells, cylindrical shells and water effects. Some of these pyrotechnic effects belong to ancient Italian traditions and are a typical trademark of prehistoric Italian rituals.



What were the colour schemes chosen and what was the significance behind it?


The PX Show was designed to represent a get together of the wedding industry’s biggest leaders coming together at one place, from all over the world. Hence, we chose to use gold and silver metallic accents along with the purity of white and added a pop of colour with red to further enhance the event’s magnificence.


How did you prepare for the unpredictable weather conditions at the stunning Lake Como?


Due to our extensive experience in carrying out all kinds of fireworks events, we are now ready to face even the most adverse weather conditions.  All fireworks as well as the technical equipment used are water proof and in prime condition. We can usually work under heavy rain and execute a perfect performance! However, strong wind can actually be a cause of concern, since it may affect safety distances and force us to act accordingly, with some last-minute changes.


How would you describe your experience of working as a fireworks partner for the luxurious Planners Xtraordinaire Show?


We really enjoyed the opportunity to meet a lot of people interested in our art. As the fireworks partner, we appreciated the chance to demonstrate the passion and the proficiency of our company to all the partners, guests and organizers of the Planners Xtraordinaire show.


All photographs courtesy: ManiSol Wedding