Pretty Pastel Wedding Décor

Paint the town pastel with your sublime wedding décor in soft, inherently elegant colours. The gorgeous pastel hues can be incorporated in several ways within your beautiful bridal attire, floral arrangements, tablescapes, ceremony archways and more! Get inspired by these gorgeous pastel colour palettes for the ultimate romantic wedding.


Mottled Invites


Photograph Courtesy: @letterbybetty and @garasiproduction


Designed to perfection with textured elements like a watercolour finish or a marbled effect can be paired with tints of aqua or peach. This would add a splash of colour to your wedding stationary.


Enchanting Canopies


Photograph Courtesy: @twdindia and @magicweavers


Opt for a striking, stylish overhead canopy drenched in a shade of lavender or teal. It would provide the right amount of brightness yet look extremely sophisticated with the muted elements of décor.


Blush Beauty


Photograph Courtesy: @kelseyevents and @sanazphotography


Set up your lush tablescapes with pastel hued blossoms and metallic accented glassware for an overall look that is chic and regal. The delicate blend of colours like blush and ivory florals, verdant foliage and gilded tableware would look absolutely ethereal.


Tropical Confections


Photographs Courtesy: @deplanv and @eliaskordelakos


A multi-tiered wedding cake adorned with a melange of pastel toned colours through stunning florae and botanical inspired elements will be a captivating, rustic masterpiece in the making. Perfect for an outdoor ceremony, the sugary treat will definitely bring your guests oodles of joy!


Bridal Blues


Photograph Courtesy: @biancobouquetweddings and @davidbastianoni


Dress up your #bridesquad to impress! Your bridesmaids can don gorgeous dresses in shades like powder blue, lilac, turquoise or baby and pair it with contrasting accessories and floral bouquets so that the other accents can pop against the subtle colour palette.



Feature Image Credit: @tonibreiss and @parazarme