Pretty & Polished!

If you have found the perfect wedding gown, glamorous accessories and your desired make up look chalked out then all that is left is to add a touch of opulence with these gorgeous wedding manicures that are super trendy right now!


Matte Elegance


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Add some texture to your nails with some unique calligraphy on a pastel hued matte canvas. You could write the date of your marriage, name of your loved one or some heartfelt phrases on your nails freehand or with the use of a stencil.


Gilded Marble


Photograph Courtesy: @melimelr


Extremely popular on the gram, marble art is super stylish. You can pair the watercolour-based artwork with gilded tips, glitter details, gemstones and several other add-ons.


Neon Signs


Photograph Courtesy: @macokwsk


For a quirky twist on the classic manicure, opt for some vibrant neon signed elements on set of clear nails to maximize the effect.


Cascading Garden


Photograph Courtesy: @ladycrappo


Extend your vintage floral manicure beyond the nail bed with this stunning overgrown garden nail look. The contrast of the bright colours against a pastel hued nail would give it an overall look that is sophisticated yet fashionable.


Lace Tips


Photograph Courtesy: @drybylondon


Forgo the classic French manicure and match the tips of your nails to your lovely lace wedding gown. The simple design will be impactful against a translucent enamel.


Embellished Ombre


Photograph Courtesy: @nailz_ann.indigo_


Opt for a set of ombre nails and add some shimmering embellishments along the cuticle on an accent nail, preferably your ring finger so that you can show off your magnificent sparkler!


Chic Chrome


Photograph Courtesy: @sheadbeauty


If you love the mirror shine and high reflectiveness of chrome nails, then achieve the classy manicure look by incorporating mesmerizing bold metallic hues.



Feature Image Credit: Pinterest