Princess Eugenie’s Compelling Message For International Women’s Day!

In support of all the awesome women of the world, 10 fierce females reveal what they WISH and what they WANT. The princess, alongside other female actors, models, activists, and entrepreneurs, spoke out in a video to celebrate International Women’s Day. The video, called I Wish, I Want, asked women about a time during their lives that they wished they’d done something different and what they want for woman in the future.

Featuring Jameela Jamil, Eugenie Princess of York, Halima Aden, Tigerlily Taylor, Donna Air, Alicia Agneson, Munroe Bergdorf, Jessica Olie, Daisy Maskell, and Deborah Joseph discover what Gender Equality really means to them. These are Goals for Girls, Goals for feminists, Goals for women and girls all over our planet. A sustainable future is one where all women are equal to men in every respect. 

Princess Eugenie, who is the founder of charity The Anti Slavery Collective wrote on Instagram, “I’m so proud to be part of #TOGETHERBAND. I chose Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth because I believe that everyone in the world deserves to be free from slavery and that all people have the right to their own future.”

In the video, Princess said, “I wish that women and girls could come together more. I want the 28.7 million women enslaved today to become free.”

Each of the women in the video wore the orange #TOGETHERBAND, whose entire proceeds support the United Nations’ 5th Global Goal of gender equality. The intergovernmental organization has established 17 Global Goals in total, with #TOGETHERBAND creating a colored band to represent each one. All of the bands’ proceeds help fund projects in support of a sustainable future, and they are made with accessories brand Bottletop, using reclaimed ocean plastic, decommissioned firearm metal and handcrafted by artisans in Nepal.



Feature Image Credit: @princesseugenie