Put A ‘Swing’ On It!

Bring out the inner child in you with a playful addition of a bridal swing at your wedding ceremony. Great for a whimsy outdoor weddings with the warm sea breeze in your hair, your loved one by your side and a sense of solace right before the wedding planning chaos kicks in.


Whimsy Wreaths


Photograph Courtesy: @kelliavilaphoto


Wreath-inspired swings adorned with vibrant blooms will make for an amazing photo booth idea for a summertime, outdoor wedding ceremony.


Simple & Sophisticated


Photograph Courtesy: Melissa Marshall


A traditional rope swing festooned with lush greenery and elegant floral arrangements would be super minimalistic yet have a romantic-chic vibe to it.


Vibrant Foliage


Photograph Courtesy: Arina B Photography


Incorporate a statement colour that matches your overall wedding décor and bridal look along with a wide variety of florals and textural foliage within your dreamy wedding swing. A bright pop of colour will surely make a statement!


Rustic Comfort


Photograph Courtesy: Virgil Bunao Photography


Deck your tree swing with cosy cushions and dim-lit, hanging chandeliers. Stargaze with your one true love and enjoy the serenity of nature before the festivities commence.


Ceremony Swing


Photograph Courtesy: @aprilmacphotography


Opt for a sleek and stylish wedding swing that doubles up as ceremony backdrop décor. Keep it rustic with a wooden finish and draped foliage.



White Wood


Photograph Courtesy: Cassidy Carson Photography


Take in the gorgeous scenic views of your plush destination wedding venue with your loved one as you unwind on a white, wooden bench swing after your magical nuptials and reception bash.



Feature Image Credit: @shaneshepherdweddings