Rose Your Way To Fragrant Skin!

A special fragrance for your rose-colored life – The Face Shop introduces a brand-new body care line dipped in scents of rose. Featuring four new products including a fragrant mist, Shower Gel, Emulsion and pocket-sized hand creme, the Rose line is formulated with Rosa Damascene flowers from Persia and citrus notes for that added appeal. The fresh citrus fruity notes harmonize with the vibrant rich fragrance of a rose bouquet and come together to recreate the fragrance of a fresh blooming rose.



Keeping The Face Shop’s philosophy of all natural ingredients, the range was created using the fragrance reproduction technology, Living Plant™ (technology from global TOP3 perfume company IFF), which involved extracting all the fragrance ingredients without actually damaging the original source of rose.


Rose Silk-Bouquet Body Mist

A nature-inspired, floral and fruity scented body mist that gently lingers on your body, and gives a refreshing feeling. It can easily replace the need for a full-bodied perfume and be used for a quick refresh anytime, anywhere!



Rose Silk-Bouquet Hand Cream

A moisturizing hand cream gel that delivers moisture and nourishment to dry hands making it dewy and firm with a lightweight finish and long-lasting fragrance.



Rose Silk-Bouquet Body Emulsion

A fresh, soft body lotion with the alluring fragrance of roses that lasts for a long time and delivers vitality to tired, fatigued skin, leaving an overall moisturized finish.



Rose Silk-Bouquet Body Shower Gel

A soft, silky lather of rose silk-bouquet fragrance thoroughly cleanses the body, leaving a refreshing and moisturizing sensation.



Rose Silk Bouquet Line Notes:


Top note

The citrus fruity note of orange and red apple for a sparkling fragrance like sunshine.

Middle note

An elegant, feminine, alluring fragrance that is vibrant with rich rose aroma creating the signature fragrance for the Rose Silk Bouquet line.

Base note

A lingering base note of soft musk and cedar wood.



All Images Courtesy: The Face Shop UAE