Setting The Stage: MMS AV & Production

Here’s a quick behind the scenes update of how the audio-visual and production set up was constructed for the exclusive Planners Xtraordinaire show. We had the opportunity to get in touch with the brilliant MMS AV & Production company which is primarily based in Italy and got to learn about all things tech! #TechGenius


Tell us about yourself and your incredible company. Where did it all start?


MMS is one of the most important players and leaders in event organization. With three branches in Italy and one Dubai based, we are active since the last 40 years, operating worldwide for the most important international brands and organizations.

We work for the automotive industry (FCA Group, Audi, Citroen), fashion establishments (Armani, Dolce&Gabbana, Versace), luxury organisations (Riva, Ferretti Group), pharma corporations (Pfizer, Bayer, Astrazeneca), technology firms (Sony, Samsung, LG, Mediaworld, Expert, Unieuro), and many others such as; Pirelli, MCS, Unicredit or Italian broadcasters Mediaset, Rai, La7.

We support our clients with a strong organization and a wide range of services along with a strategical approach. From the creative designing and the realization of an event set-up with the best and most innovative technologies, to the management of all operational tasks and even the creation of new multimedia content.

Corporate events, latest product launches, trade shows, live concerts, television productions, fashion shows, sport events, gala events, weddings: we are busy innovating while we operate, helping you in creating revolutionary occurrences at every event.


What new technology did you use specifically for the Planners Xtraordinaire show?


We have used the best of the best technology for the esteemed Planners Xtraordinaire show. These include; a curved LED, 4K media player, new range of moving heads and the new L-acoustic sound system, amongst several other tech gizmos.


What kind of equipment was incorporated in order to heighten the grandeur of the Planners Xtraordinaire Show?




We used a range of high-tech equipment. For example; the Clay Packy, SGM Led, L-Acoustics are just some of the brands of what we made use of for the event. Not only technology, but we also had great production numbers: 70 staff members, 300 moving heads, a 56 sqm curved LED 2.9mm, 48 audio systems and 6 trucks to achieve the best possible outcome.


What did you do differently, to maximize the extravagant experience?



Inspired by the brief, we studied with our experts, the technical designers, set designer and light designer, and focused on the ambiance that needed to be created for each specific venue.  Our vision was to enhance the already lavish setting and emphasise on the splendour of the PX Show.


How would you describe your experience of working as an AV & Production Partner for the luxurious Planners Xtraordinaire Show?



It was a very stimulating experience that gave us the opportunity to showcase our work to all the guests present at the luxurious event.


All photographs courtesy: ManiSol Wedding