Shell Out These Beach Inspired Wedding Invitations!

It’s time to splash into summer with some oceanic wedding stationary and announce your nautical big day through these seaside-inspired, artistic creations!


Tropical Treasures


Photographs Courtesy: @cecinewyork


Embrace the tropical vibe with these funky and intricately designed wedding invitations. The gilt detailing is complete with metallic calligraphy and leaf-shaped elements for a nature-inspired look.


Vintage Nautical


Photographs Courtesy: @ipanemapress and @rebeccayale


Pair up vintage nautical elements such as ancient prose, cursive typography and historic images for a unique and distinctive looking wedding invitation. A classic form of wedding stationary like this could easily double up as your something blue and something old!


Watercolour Wonders


Photograph Courtesy: @michellemospens


A wonderful burst of watercolour that is translated onto paper can never go wrong! The simple yet sophisticated approach with the incorporation of minimalistic colours gives it an elegant look.


Moody Tints


Photograph Courtesy: @stephwoodphoto and @apricity_ink


Create an uber cool stationary suite with moody hues of blue. The rich, velvety tones of azure will up the ante and give your seaside ceremony a regal look.


Seashells & Starfish


Photographs Courtesy: @margoandbees


Beautiful, botanical elements such as seashells and starfish are surely synonymous with summer. The beachy stationary need not be blue. Instead, swap the shades of indigo with eclectic tones of coral, peach or pastel pinks, a refreshing change from the usual azure dipped invitations.


Serene Sea Life


Photograph Courtesy: @momental


Jet off to your ideal islandic destination wedding locale and invite your guests to paradise with these illustrations infused wedding stationeries. The inclusion of hand-painted, sea life creatures are super cute and would make for a great addition to your invitations.


Aqua Dip Dye


Photograph Courtesy: @underwoodletterpress


Opt for a contemporary wedding invite with a dip dye effect in aqua blue for a modern and stylish way to bring your guests on board for your dreamy seashore nuptials. You can also include some essential yet artistic elements such as a handcrafted map, an open road envelope and customised letterpress.



Feature Image Credit: @momental