Striking Living Floral Walls

We are totally living for these stunning floral wedding walls! The gorgeous statement-making, living walls are a must for your summery destination wedding. Get inspired by these lush visual masterpieces that will surely up your ceremony décor.


Colour Burst


Photograph Courtesy:@elizabethmessina


A backdrop studded with bright blossoms is super eye-catching and will liven up the atmosphere at your wedding. Incorporate the statement wall as part of your nuptial décor by doubling it up as a photo booth for all your guests to enjoy and take some trendy selfies!


Hole In The Wall


Photograph Courtesy: @sanazphotography


Let the sunshine in with this epic hole in the floral living wall creation! Enjoy the picturesque, panoramic views of the natural beauty that is the majestic mountains or iridescent open waters.


Circle Of Life


Photograph Courtesy: @elenapavlovaphoto


This dual-coloured, contemporary ceremony arch shaped like a full moon is super chic and elegant. Bursting with ivory and emerald tinted flowers, circular archways are unique and stylish, perfect for a timelessly classic wedding.


Glam Garden


Photograph Courtesy: @voirpictures


A verdant forest themed ceremony can be glamorized by a wall adorned with luxuriant foliage and numerous blooms including; crimson roses, ivory hydrangeas and lilac lilies. Get ready for the ultimate indoor wedding that has all the elements of the outdoors!


 Champagne Cheer


Photograph Courtesy: @riverandiris


An interactive beverage display stacked with bubbly is always appreciated by guests. Keep the colour palette minimalistic with green and cream toned floral arrangements.



Feature Image Credit:@eliaskordelakos