Stylish Seating Charts

Guide your guests towards their seats with these trendy seating charts that reflect your personality. Add a touch of elegance to your wedding ceremony and reception dinner with these creative, stylish seating chart ideas!


Floral Fiesta


Photograph Courtesy: Lauren Scotti


Nothing spells romance more that fresh roses. Opt for a classic statement piece and fill it to the brim with crimson and pastel pink tinted natural blooms for a sophisticated chic look.


Modern Accents


Photographs Courtesy: Jana Williams Photography and Samuel Goh Photography


Mirror and Acrylics are like a match made in heaven. These graphic forms of displays can be paired with metallic accents or kept simple with traditional white typography and surrounded by walls of greenery.


Citrus Charts


Photograph Courtesy: Jose Villa


When life gives you lemons, what do you do? Create a seating chart wall with the citrus fruits for your nuptial ceremony! #Obviously This incredibly unique option is great for summer ceremonies and for couples who love this on trend, eccentric aesthetic.


Map It Out


Photographs Courtesy: Krista Turner Photography and Merkle Photography


Are you truly enthusiastic and vocal about your love for travelling across the world? This quirky seating chart is the perfect addition for all the globetrotters out there, who are looking to include elements of wanderlust within their wedding.


Rustic Scrolls


Photograph Courtesy: Tenth and Grace


Incorporate fabric drapery as rustic scrolls that make you feel like king and queen. With a pop of colour, this bohemian seating chart hung from the ceiling would be perfect for outdoor weddings.



Feature Image Credit: Analisa Joy