Swap The Chapel For A Castle!

Still hungover on the various royal weddings that took place this year? With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s extravagant ceremony been deemed as one of the most influential occasions to have taken place throughout royal history, having your own fairy tale wedding celebration is no longer a farfetched dream. Look no further if historical romance is the theme you have picked out for your regal nuptials. Plan your very own royal wedding against the perfect magical backdrop of these captivating castles.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany


Photograph Courtesy: @neuschwanstein.castle


Bring back the traditional historic charm and sprawling landscaped estates by hosting your wedding festivities at the Neuschwanstein Castle located at a hilltop site in Bavaria overlooking the vast scenic beauty of the picturesque mountains. Enjoy views of glistening sunsets and the rustic German countryside from this Romanesque Revival inspired fortress. Designed to perfection, it has been said that the Neuschwanstein has influenced the architectural composition of Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle.


Château de Challain, France


Photograph Courtesy: @agistudio


French for Castle, a Château is the epitome of where romance meets refinement. Château de Challain is situated near the expansive acres of the Loire Valley, providing you with the ultimate experience of an ideal and authentic French marriage. Along with the various luxurious services, this nineteenth-century castle is an exquisite retreat to wine and dine yourself to happiness!


Hluboká Castle, Czech Republic


Photograph Courtesy: @dietmar_fotografie  


Built in the thirteenth century, this National Cultural Monument of the Czech Republic is a definite favourite amongst newlyweds. Known for its Renaissance-era style and décor, this breathtaking property provides spectacular scenic views of the South Bohemian Czech Republic countryside. Gorge on the best of International and Czech cuisine whilst you soak in the country’s natural beauty through the castle’s ornate panoramic terrace.


Belvoir Castle, England


Photograph Courtesy: @belvoircastle


Eager to recreate Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s dreamy wedding? Look no further. The Belvoir Castle is a magnificent, medieval masterpiece of eighteenth-century architecture. It is still home to royal heritage, so you’re automatically one step closer to unleashing your inner princess or prince with great flamboyance. Nothing short of a fantasy, this gothic-esque castle offers top-class amenities that would put five-star hotels to shame.


Ashford Castle, Ireland


Photograph Courtesy: @kenminschwaner


Ashford Castle is a Victorian edifice situated in the quaint village of Mayo, on the iridescent shores of Lough Corrib in Ireland. Over the centuries, the castle has expanded to a lavish, luxury hotel that caters to all your requirements. On the day of your nuptials, you and your guests will be treated to exclusive access into the lush Victorian gardens, scenic lakeside pathways and the manor’s numerous outdoor activities. Complete with vintage furniture and elaborate décor, this bastion is a perfect fit for all the loved up, starry-eyed couples out there!


Castello Odescalchi di Bracciano, Italy


Photography Courtesy: @castleguide


If you’re looking for a venue that’s a fairy tale come to life, then consider tying the knot at this whimsical, romantic castle. Castello Odescalchi di Bracciano has been seen in several Hollywood films along with being Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes destination wedding locale. It sits on the southern shores of the volcanic Lake Bracciano and has awe-inspiring, wonderous sights of the Mediterranean.


So, order yourself an indulgent lemon elderflower cake and lose yourself in the luxury of these colossal foreign castles!


Feature Image Courtesy: @tinphotography