Thanksgiving-Inspired Wedding Decor

Falling leaves, pumpkin pie, turkey dinner, hot apple cider, family and friends. Sounds familiar? Yes, we are talking about Thanksgiving! Wedding and Thanksgiving have a lot in common! You spend both with your families, express gratitude and love to your special ones and have a wonderful time eating and celebrating. Have a look at some of these exclusive Thanksgiving-inspired wedding décor ideas. You can ‘thank’ us later.


Pump-Kin It Up!


Photograph Courtesy: @sbkliving


Think of adding hues of deep orange or plum to make a bold statement. Anything wood is a complete ‘yes’ when it comes to having a Thanksgiving-inspired décor. Accents like bedazzling pumpkins or fall leaves can be used as part of the décor. Choose colors that complement your color scheme and find creative ways to display them using jars, gourds, wood, and more.


Luminous Aisle


Photograph Courtesy: @gina.paulson


Walk down the aisle with a few pumpkins accompanied by a bunch of flowers or candles. If you are having an indoor wedding, create a luminous environment by adding string lights against a wooden backdrop.



Nature’s Call


Photograph Courtesy: @christanormanphoto


Your bouquets can bring touches of autumn into your Thanksgiving wedding! Choose seasonal blooms with colors that complement your color scheme. If you are going with the season color – orange, include the elegant Asiatic lily, celosia, dahlia, and orange gerbera.



Express Your Heart!


Photograph Courtesy: @atiliay


Custom-made Thanksgiving cards are a straight reflection of your feelings when you want to express gratitude to your soulmate. Keep it elegant + sleek with a touch of boho.



Wispy Wreath


Photograph Courtesy: @homeandhoneysuckle


Give a natural and wispy look by having this wreath on your wedding day. Place it on the wall or near the sitting arrangement. The pinecones, cinnamon stick and sunflower smell heavenly.


Pies Before Guys!


Photographs Courtesy: @izzyhudgins


It’s just not Thanksgiving without it. Pumpkin pies are just delicious to keep as a side dish for your wedding along with fruit tarts. Serve it on a wooden embellishment to give a rustic touch. Don’t forget the roasted turkey!


Woody Touch


Photograph Courtesy: @alyssa_lentz


Add a uber-cool vibe to your wedding signs with fall colors, pumpkins, wheat, greenery, and a wooden/rustic look. Place few candles alongside to give a warm, sleek look.


Place Me!


Photograph Courtesy: @pizzazzerie


A unique placeholder with a photo of the person is perfect to have it on the evening dinner table. Golden + purple combination is not a typical rustic combination, but it goes well for an intimate indoor wedding setting.


Feature Image Credit: @jenfariello