The Art of Invitations

Lebanese artist Louma Bardawil, founder of Design by Louma, specializes in tailor-made luxury wedding invitations that reflect the couple’s personality. She talks to DWP-Insider exclusively on the art of customized invitations, the thought behind it and the what to look forward to in the new year.

Trending now… 

Couples around the world seem a lot less inspired by trends, and are looking to classics such as white and gold for their stationery.  However, if the wedding theme is not traditional, they are willing to explore unconventional formats for the invitations like boxed-type invitation with materials like wood, acrylic gold, silk fabric. Another trend is the digital invitation in the format of a video sent via WhatsApp or email to guests, for a more impressive and cost-effective solution.


Trend that should make a comeback… 

Wax seals!


The color palette we’ll be seeing everywhere in 2018… 

Navy Blue, Rose gold and marble.




The story behind your most unique creation…

We designed a wedding invitation in the format of a film clapper board as both bride & groom are respectively a film director & producer. They met on a film set so it was bound to inspire the design of their wedding invitations.

What role does the destination of the wedding play in your creations?

The wedding theme is usually inspired from the existing interiors/exteriors of the wedding venue such as a five star hotel in Dubai, or a renovated castle in Tuscany. In any case we research and suggest a suitable invitation stationery keeping in mind the wishes of the couple.


What would be a dream destination for a wedding?

Tough question as its relative to what you have experienced in your life, for some couples who have lived most their lives in a sunny country like the UAE, their dream wedding might be a destination like Paris in the fall. For me personally, I would consider a wedding in the spring in Japan, endless cherry blossom trees sunset wedding with sushi stations for a small intimate crowd.

Design by Louma