The Chinese New Year Wedding Guide

Today marks the first day of the ‘Year Of The Pig’ according to the Chinese culture and traditions which symbolises wealth and fortune. We are celebrating this auspicious festival with a look at some exciting wedding ideas that you could include within your marriage revelries! Chinese New Year (also known as the Lunar New Year) is a commemoration of new beginnings and driving away the evil spirits.


Lanterns Galore


Photograph Courtesy: Megan Sorel Photography


Light up your lavish wedding venue with Kongming lanterns, also known as Chinese lanterns or sky lanterns. They are typically made of paper and signify the wish for a bright future. The red and gold colour combination represent happiness and wealth, a great way to embark on a journey to a blissful married life!


Trendy Tablescapes


Photographs Courtesy: Pepper and Light


Ensure that floral elements are in place with a florescent backdrop and elegant table settings in hues of pastel pinks. Add some metallic accents in the form of stylish gold tassels or plush silverware for an extravagant effect. Pick out figurines that are representative of the chosen animal which changes annually based on the Chinese New Year calendar as they make for the perfect escort cards or table centrepieces.


Festive Desserts


Photographs Courtesy: Elizabeth Messina and @thecakelab.co_


A sumptuous array of delectable desserts can do no wrong! Incorporate the classic fortune cookies with a twist- drenched in crimson red icing! A grand multi-tiered wedding cake covered in sugared blooms and velvety buttercream is a necessity, a real treat for all your guests. You could also provide small individual delicacies in the form of intricately designed cupcakes and delicious pastries as wedding favours.


Paint The Town Red


Photographs Courtesy: @hongkongtatler and @hongphotography


Symbolic of good luck, prosperity and new beginnings, the colour red is perfect for brides looking to experiment with their wedding attire. Add a pop of vibrancy to your minimalist wedding décor with a bold, statement gown in scarlet red. For a more traditional look, opt for a traditional qípáo or hung kwa and accessorise it with gilded jewellery for an opulent appearance.


Festal Guestbook Ideas


Photograph Courtesy: Kristin Chalmers Photography


The fortune cat (Maneki Neko) is a highly popular lucky charm within Japanese and Chinese cultures. Having your loved ones offer their advice or heartfelt messages in a guestbook on a table decked with fortune cookies and lucky kitten statuettes would ensure good luck and fortune. Having a Maneki Neko perched by your side is always advantageous within all the stages of your life.



Feature Image Credit: @welltravelledbride