The Foundation Fusion!

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.”

– Albert Einstein



Science Or Art?


It is a question that arises when discussing the life and work of artists through the ages. They often labour in a world where science and art live together – a fusion of precision and poetry, of research and creativity, of quest and achievement. La Prairie established itself as the leader in luxury skincare more than 30 years ago with the audacious choice of using caviar ingredients in its creations. Ongoing research and technological advancements have allowed the Swiss scientists at La Prairie to evolve and master caviar science, continuing to offer exceptional lifting and firming combined with cutting-edge performance and exquisite textures.



In pursuing their quest to offer timeless beauty, they sought to find a way to prolong and compound the outstanding lifting and firming benefits offered by the Skin Caviar Collection. Through an artistic innovative approach to complexion enhancement products, they have taken caviar science a step further, fusing it with exquisitely textured foundations and powders.



Through an artistic approach to complexion that highlights sublime textures and exquisite finishes, La Prairie has developed a technologically advanced pigment blend for its Skin Caviar Complexion creations. They offer customisable, buildable tints that raise natural beauty to its apex. With an optimised palette of perfectly matched shades that provide seamless blending between formulas, these exquisite textures glide on flawlessly to envelop skin in a silky veil of complexion enhancing colour and luminosity.


Skin Caviar Powder Foundation



Skin Caviar Powder Foundation goes beyond mere makeup. It is the first powder foundation infused with Caviar Extract for complexion perfection. Gliding on flawlessly to envelop skin in a silky veil of complexion enhancing colour, Skin Caviar Powder Foundation begins as a creamy base and sets to a cashmere-soft finish. SPF 15/PA++ helps to protect against UVA and UVB rays, while La Prairie’s Exclusive Cellular Complex infuses skin with nutrients beneficial for the skin. It offers buildable, blendable coverage for a matte yet luminous, fresh look all day long.


Skin Caviar Loose Powder



Skin Caviar Loose Powder is the perfect conclusion to an indulgent beauty ritual – the first loose powder infused with Caviar Extract for complexion perfection. Skin Caviar Loose Powder sweeps on lightly, embracing skin with the most feather-light whisper of powder for a flawless finish. Further enhanced with La Prairie’s Exclusive Cellular Complex, infusing the skin with beneficial nutrients, Skin Caviar Loose Powder provides unparalleled complexion perfecting benefits in a gossamer-textured veil. It illuminates the complexion and sets makeup for an all-day youthful, natural, shine-free finish.



All Images Courtesy: @LaPrairie