The Go-To Wedding Destination For 2020!

There as so many magnificent destinations across the globe where you can plan your dream wedding, which is why we’re rounding up some of the top wedding planners from all over the world to tell us about their go-to wedding destination for 2020. Fuel your wanderlust with these breathtaking wedding locales!


Ethereal Serenity


Photograph Courtesy: @airpano


Portugal is a go-to wedding destination for 2020 because people have already explored Italy and Spain. Portugal is beautiful and surreal with great food and stunning palaces that are just a half an hour drive away from each other. Additionally, Kerala can also be considered as a go-to wedding destination for 2020 as it is a relief from Rajasthan. Known as ‘God’s own country’, the stunning locale is unexplored, has good weather, great beaches and backwaters.” – Devika Narain, Devika Narain And Company


Turquoise Tranquility


Photograph Courtesy:@mayakoba


“Destinations are becoming more exotic. More weddings are taking place in private islands or isolated areas where you can find a group of hotels in one compound like the pristine Mayakoba or Punta Mita in Mexico or Bora Bora. Currently, young couples are looking to experience a full extended weekend with their guests. They are keen to emphasize more upon the actual destination and its beauty instead of just going back and forth to the event themselves. Our next year looks like we are going to travel to far and remote destinations with zero infrastructure and a challenge of bringing it all together and being self-contained.” Koby Bar Yehuda, KBY Designs


Captivating Coastlines


Photograph Courtesy: @villacimbrone/R.Vuilleumier


“A lot of couples, no matter where they come from, choose Italy. It is easy to go to, has incredible scenic views that attract many couples and to be honest, the VIP’s stories there are always taking the social media world by storm! We’ve been lucky to welcome celebrity weddings in Italy in the last couple of years. To me, Capri and the Amalfi Coast are two such places that are unmistakable when it comes to saying ‘I do’ in style. I love working there; the elegance, dolce vita, VIP hospitality, international airports, great partners and Michelin-Star restaurants are great. These are all the ingredients to create your dream destination wedding in 2020!” Muriel Saldalamacchia, The International Wedding Planner


Majestic Vistas


Photograph Courtesy: @sevillaciudad


“Seville is the capital city of Andalusia and it’s located at the crossroads of western and eastern civilization. Seville’s splendid romanticism will seduce you! A vibrant and charming city, it is a place for passion and is perfect for your big day. Seville has many secret locations that you could enjoy. It can go from a small square in town to a wonderful garden but my most favourite is the Plaza de España.” – Toni Breiss, Level By Toni Breiss


Picturesque Panoramas


Photograph Courtesy: @nzsjoel


“Wedding destinations have a distinct appeal and create a special intimate atmosphere. The beauty and uniqueness of a destination adds sentimentality to the wedding for the couple and their guests. Themes like ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ have certainly added to the wedding destination fascination. We favour the New Zealand wanderlust, the regal charm of a Florentine Castle or a villa on a Caribbean island with crystal sea views. These are all glorious backdrops for stunning nuptials.” Jennifer Bassett, Bassett Events



Feature Image Credit: @puntatragarahotel