The Indonesian Bakers Behind The $500,000 Wedding Cake

We see a whole new array of creativity in the wedding cake industry, but the masterpieces designed by Indonesia based bakers Le Novelletake the cake (see what we did there?).  Known for designing replicas of Disney castles and historic cathedrals, their wedding cake prices range from $5,000 but one cake decorated with 100 diamond rings was sold for a whopping $500,000.

Most recently, the bakery was trending all over instagram for a new design they created for a Jakarta based couple, William and Grace, who married in the opulent Trans Luxury Hotel in Bandung, in a picture perfect wedding themed The Grand Budapest Hotel. According to Refinery29, the cake commissioned by the couple took a team of 15 people over a month to finish, including the construction of its   metal structure and the sugar decorations. “Since the company is based in Jakarta, which is about 90 miles from Bandung, where the wedding was held, they had to transport the whole structure in pieces. Then, the team built it on-site for six hours,” says Miyo Minaki of LeNovelle to the website. The result is a “see-through castle— over 16 feet tall.” The magnificence of the cake lies in its intricate detailing, which has come to become a signature for Le Novelle with their attention to detail. Taking William and Grace’s wedding cake as an example, the detailed turrets, pillars and balconies, all achieve architectural excellence.

The company has an Instagram following of over 128k, and has become pioneer in the field of creating dreams out of desserts. The bakery was founded in 1993 as a regular cake business, selling birthday cakes to friends and family, but it slowly grew and in 2004 it started selling wedding cakes under the LeNovelle Cake brand. With each passing year, their designs get more complex and magical, and today they can have up to 24 people working 12 hours a day for over a month to complete just one of their sugar-coated pieces of art. Tiffany Riyadi, the daughter of the founders of the company Susanti Sunardjie and Ricky Riyadi, told The Daily Mail in an interview that, “We love putting in personal touches that show our clients their cake is truly made for them and is all about them.”