The Magical Extravaganza: NuArt Events

Entertainment is essential at all events as it allows the guests to interact with one another whilst stepping into a fantasy world full of surprises. The incredibly talented team at Nu’Art Events put on a splendid show at the regal Gala Dinner for the Planners Xtraordinaire Show in Lake Como. We got in touch with the founders of NuArt Events to gain an insight on what goes on behind the scenes of these magnificent orchestrated spectacles.



Tell us about yourself and your incredible company. Where did it all start?


NuArt was born 10 years ago, because of an intuition by Gabriele Rizzi, he recognized the need to showcase entertainment in a new way, creating a team of creatives and artists who soon became the promoters of a unique performance based spectacle, intimately connected to art. The creative capacity, the elegance of the proposals and the innovativeness of the approach soon transformed a small group of enthusiasts into an international company, which continues to develop its business with customers all over the world. Consequently, many of our celebrated projects like the one linked to the launch of the first Dinner Show in Italy or the organization of opening show of the Venice Carnival for two years in a row, determined a significant boost to the reputation and credibility of the NuArt brand, both nationally and on the international front.


Behind the scenes, how did you come up with the idea of the astonishing entertainment curated for the Planners Xtraordinaire Show?


Every project for NuArt originates from a “blank page”. Our secret is to be able to start from scratch every time. We let the customers tell us what they would like to get, what they dream of and how they imagine the event; from these ideas, along with a deep analysis of the guests, we begin to create the artistic base. The Planners Xtraordinaire Show was a challenge, because the difficulties were many: a very experienced audience that was hard to amaze, the location, which involved a distribution in different rooms with the impossibility of a central stage as well as the fact that there were guests from all over the world and we could not underestimate the cultural aspect.



We started from the need to present itinerant choreography, creating continuous interaction with guests and exploring the interactions as the key moments of the show. We soon realized that we had accomplished our goal when we saw that the guests were enjoying the performances in each room. They wanted to know what would happen a few minutes later in front of their eyes, they were hooked onto all the acts. For us, interaction is the essence of entertainment, bringing one’s ideas to life within a few moments and seeing them live vicariously through our creations brought us immense joy. Everything seemed natural, but to achieve a result like this it is necessary to rigorously plan in advance, implementation only represents a minimal part of the work.


Give us an insight about the themes you chose for the PX Show.


The magnificent Villa Erba, perfectly aligned with the theme and was a fundamental element of inspiration. We wanted to develop the theme by creating a union between common visual evocations, such as the entrance through a lock, several contemporary elements, including the representation in human form of a miniature sculpture with a butterfly imprisoned in its own wings and the performance of surrealism, like the interactive power of being invited to consume an elixir in front of a living moss that sang opera.

One of the strongest and most important aspects of the concept was to apply the theme to food proposals, creating real performances with food and trends of the moment, combined with elements of lifestyle, fashion and art, for which we are widely recognized.

In short, our secret garden is everything you do not expect to see in a secret garden, but at the same time it takes you into this magical and unexpected world that you simply cannot resist!



What was the thought behind the artistic world recreated through your creative vision?

Trying to express the creative flow that led to the artistic vision of the show is really complex as we never know exactly where ideas come from. In our opinion, there are numerous insights, frames and fugitive flashbacks that come to us spontaneously when we are passionate about what we are doing.


Was there a particular brief in mind? Any color schemes that you felt strongly driven towards?

For us the secret garden is a hidden but unexpected world: our brief in mind is full of unusual, absurd characters. The mysterious concept merges with amazement, fun and involvement. In terms of the aesthetic patterns we have used a colour palette involving of shades of green and warm toned colors.



Who is your core team formed of?


NuArt believe in teamwork, nobody is more or less important than the others. We are like a complex mechanism that blends together creativity with logistics, artistic research with the skills of project managing and deep accounting. Hence, even the smallest gears, if not in prime condition can undermine the whole system. We take our successes and failures in stride. The satisfaction of our customers and their guests is our top priority. Knowing that we have managed to make a unique experience come to life is all the fuel, motivation and energy that we need.


How long do the rehearsals take in order to put up a flawless show?


Honestly, the rehearsals of this show started 10 years ago, because each of our projects takes years of experience to master, and even before that years of study and training is required. This translates into the professionalism necessary to guide the artists and solve every problem, including those of the last minute. To say that we have worked for over a month for the entertainment displayed at the Planners Xtraordinaire Show could be true but it might seem like an eternity throughout the ongoing process. The truth is that there is no time factor justified instead there is a need to support our clients with their vision. Even before their internationally recognized technical competence, we ask for our artists to have the correct mindset which shows their true worth and talent.



Were there any challenges that you faced during the making of the Planners Xtraordinaire Show?

Working for the PX show was a great opportunity, because it was a real test: all Internationally recognized professionals got together in one room and gave us their full attention. Innovation was key. Our biggest challenge was to amaze those who are used to lavish spectacles. We are always prepared for the worst and we try to tackle every problem immediately and try to turn it into a strength. In this case, fortunately, we do not remember any particular issues.


How does the interactive nature of your performances come into play?

Interactivity is an aspect dear to us in our creations. To succeed in making an interactive show event, means to apply interactivity in an artistic and three-dimensional form. To live vicariously through a live performance and empathise with its protagonists.



How would you describe your experience of working as an entertainment partner for the luxurious Planners Xtraordinaire show?


A challenge that we welcomed and a success that has allowed us to find a moment of enrichment in the PX show in order to continue to amaze and excite our audiences. NuArt has in its evolution, a mission to evolve and to exceed everyone’s expectations day after day, from artists to our partners, to their clients. This continuous evolution requires incessant comparison with the best professionals in the sector and for us, being the entertainment partner of the PX show has represented just that.


All photos courtesy: ManiSol Wedding