The Ultimate Dubai Travel Guide

Dubai is known as the ‘city of superlatives’ and these larger than life destinations that are totally visit worthy certainly condone the theory. While in Dubai, be sure to check out these incredible attractions and experiences!

Sky Is The Limit


Photograph Courtesy: Rayna Tours


Freefall at 120 miles per hour, above the Arabian desert or overlooking the iconic Palm Jumeirah. With breathtaking views and a surge of adrenaline, enjoy the pristine views of a sea of skyscrapers whilst having an experience of a lifetime!


Dive Into Adventure


Photograph Courtesy: Dubai Tourism


Featuring several marine activities and record-breaking attractions, Aquaventure is a must visit destination! If you feel particularly adventurous, hop on to the ‘Leap Of Faith’, a 27.5-metre plunge that carries you through a clear tube surrounded by sharks and stingrays.


A Towering Masterpiece


Photograph Courtesy: Dubai Tourism


The 828 metre tall Burj Khalifa has drawn visitors from all over the world since its inception. The glorious wonder is the epitome of all things luxury. Known as the ‘conceptual heart and soul’ of the city of Dubai, the vertical edifice provides a towering gaze of the ‘city of superlatives’.


Urban Neighbourhood


Photograph Courtesy: Time Out Dubai


Stroll through the luxurious City Walk and experience the urban lifestyle with International retail offerings, gourmet restaurants and lavish hotels. A touch of contemporary renaissance with a whole lot of cultural belonging. Don’t miss out on the stunning visual multimedia of the light and water show!


Cultural Corners


Photograph Courtesy: Dubai Tourism


An amalgamation of several diverse cultures come together through little pavilions at Global Village where you can expand your horizon on various traditional clothing, cuisines and landmarks. Overall, there are 30 pavilions that represent cultures of over a whopping 75 countries at Global Village!


Blooming Paradise


Photograph Courtesy: Captured Blinks Photography


The vibrant, layered beauty known as The Dubai Miracle Garden is a floral paradise. Immerse yourself in the sheer magnificence showcased at this 72,000sqm garden that inhabits more than 50 million flourishing flowers throughout its different exhibits. Don’t forget to snap some candid selfies at the quirky attractions for your Instagram of course!


Redefining Luxury


Photographs Courtesy: Dubai Mall


You cannot miss out on the ultimate luxury experience of visiting the world’s largest mall! The colossal mall is home to an enormous aquarium, several extravagant boutiques and the world’s longest choreographed fountain amongst other attractions. A must-visit destination for all the shopaholics out there!


Glowing Splendor


Photograph Courtesy: Dubai Garden Glow


Dubai Garden Glow will stun you with its shimmering displays illuminated by millions of multi-coloured lights. Be dazzled by the eco-friendly masterworks including glowing installations and incredible acrobatic performances.


Labyrinth Of Thrills


Photograph Courtesy: Dubai Parks and Resorts


Enjoy the theme park thrills at various entertainment-based parks that cater to your adventurous side. Watch your favourite characters come to life at these sprawling amusement parks.


Gateway To The Future


Photograph Courtesy: Captured Blinks Photography


A mammoth architectural achievement, the Dubai Frame is a spectacular structure amongst the sweeping skyline of skyscrapers in Dubai. Risen 150 metres from ground level, you can view the entirety of Dubai from the Frame’s 360-degree vantage point.


Glory & Spice


Photograph Courtesy: Visit Dubai


Unveil the hidden treasure and experience the old world charm of Dubai through its gold and spice souk. Walk through a galaxy of gold and flavoured spices and savour the atmosphere of these wonderous assets.


All Aboard The Historical Wonder


Photograph Courtesy: Dubai Tourism


Climb aboard a traditional Dhow cruise at the Dubai Creekside. Bursting with life, the city’s waterways are supremely mesmerising.


Island Of Dreams


Photograph Courtesy: @sidharthvithaldas


You can stop by the stunning Bluewaters Island and enjoy the panoramic views of the glittering skyline alongside a stroll on the pristine seashore. The Dubai Eye provides a view like no other of our ‘city of gold’.


A Glistening Marvel


Photograph Courtesy: @david__r


Take a day trip to the neighbouring capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi and visit the Sheikh Zayed Mosque for an enchanting experience. A stone’s throw away, the illustrious edifice is the largest mosque in the country.


An Iconic Phenomenon


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Head to high tea at the iconic Burj Al Arab and view the opulent gold leaf interiors. The luxurious hotel is situated on a man-made island and is known as a beacon of modern Dubai.


Arabian Adventures


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For all the adventure junkies, a desert safari trip would include extreme sports such as dune bashing, entertainment in the form of cultural song and dance as well as camel rides along with a feast of Arabic delicacies.



Feature Image Credit: Captured Blinks Photography