The World Of Calligraphy

“Calligraphy can transform a simple text into something astoundingly elegant. I love using this revitalized ancient art form to seamlessly tie together details for brides and weddings of all styles.”

— Bethany Thames, Joy Unscripted


Incorporate these funky, fancy fonts within your wedding décor through various specific elements for a touch of sophistication and elegance.


Artsy Invitations


Photograph Courtesy: @rebekahcarey_


Embrace this exquisite art form through your nuptial invitations and get them customised to your preference with calligraphic lettering. An extremely popular trend today, you could opt for traditional typography or modernised designs. Pick a colour scheme according to your wedding theme or go for an abstract pattern along for a contemporary look.


Ceremony Backdrops


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Design your ceremony backdrop to illustrate your favourite quote or proverb scribed in a stylish typeface. The artistic backdrop could double up as a trendy photo booth where your guests can click some cool photographs for the gram!


Tablescape Décor


Photographs Courtesy: Krista Mason Photography and @hanwriting


Make sure your wedding menu is displayed stylishly with the incorporation of calligraphy in metallic accents. Create matching escort cards in geode form scribed with all your guests’ names in a cool calligraphic design. Place a calligraphy embossed table runner on your rehearsal dinner table for a maximalist appearance.


Wedding Vows


Photograph Courtesy: @jamieleephotographytx


Despite the digital age, go the old school way with personalised handwritten heartfelt vows on a piece of paper. Your fiancé will surely appreciate the thoughtful gesture and you will be able to frame your affirmations of love. Be sure to put the written vows up in your house to cherish for a lifetime.


Wedding Favours


Photograph Courtesy: @thesilverlininghk


A simple yet considerate option for wedding favours would be small trinkets scribed with unique calligraphy for a personalised touch. Whether it be cute keychains, handmade trays of chocolate or classy photo frames, keep it personal with individual quotes or the names of your guests in calligraphy.


Mirrored Signage


Photographs Courtesy: @writeupmyworld and @blushandbluecalligraphy


Customise acrylic signs on mirrored surfaces for an added touch of glamour. Lead your guests towards your whimsical wedding ceremonial with these classy yet quirky signs that have love quotes and directions scribed on them.



Feature Image Credit:@bradleyimages