The World Of Wedding Technology

We as millennials are constant reliant on some sort of technological device- practically at all times! Whether it be our mobile phones, iPads, FitBit bracelets, apple watches or various other devices that are invented rapidly throughout the recent years, we are addicted to all things tech! Here are some ways you can incorporate technology in your wedding festivities to garner the finest social media buzz and keep your guests amused at all times.


Live Stream Your Special Day!


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For all your loved ones who can’t make it to your big day, a 360-degree live stream is the perfect way to make them feel part of the celebrations. They would definitely appreciate the thoughtful gesture and you would always have the saved video as a memento for life. A simple yet effective way to cherish your near and dear ones without the added hassles, a win-win situation for all!


3D Printing


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Customise 3D printed wedding accessories and ornaments such as bridal orchid headpieces, bespoke cake toppers designed to look like your real-life self, personalised engagement rings, uniquely wonderful invitations and many more. 3D printing allows you to craft all sorts of wedding embellishments with an added personal touch. Showcase your love story through these aesthetically pleasing decorations.


Wedding Drones


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Capture the breathtaking, sprawling scenic views along with the incredibly candid moments of the revelries with aerial photographs. Drones are immensely popular amongst tech-obsessed couples who want to gather a lifetime of memories through the lens of high flying camera. Extremely stylish and trendy, drones attract a lot of amusement from wedding guests and play a pivotal role in creating a light hearted ambiance leading to a night full of delight and joy. #flyawayselfie



Projection Mapping


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An enthralling visual journey showcasing high resolution imagery on a blank canvas is a rising trend within the digital world of weddings. Whether it be a grand, illuminative cake projected with an enchanting light show, walls and ceilings of the ceremony venue scribed with personalised messages or 3D appliques adorned on custom-made wedding gowns, 3D printing is all the rage right now!


GoPro Love


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Make way for the millennial bride as she walks down the aisle with a GoPro hidden in her bridal bouquet in order to film her perspective of the exceedingly special occasion. Capturing all the varied emotions with this little device is extremely practical and ensures full coverage of the whole wedding festivities from the bride’s point of view without any hindrances.


Digital Guestbook


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Tech-savvy couples are always willing to snap, tweet and share their memories with the virtual world. Design an interactive guestbook wherein your guests can scan a QR code and upload their personal comments and wishes on a unique digital platform. Consequently, their heartfelt messages would be easily accessible as they would only be a click away. Thanks to the ever evolving technology you can relive your wedding day memories anytime, anywhere!


The magic of living in the 21st century is showcased through the changing of the tech landscape on a daily basis. Get inspired by these cool high-tech trends and keep #sharing the love!


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