There, Where I See You

“Love as a mirror of the nature.

Love is deep as an ocean,

impetuous as a mountain river.

Serene as a sunset.

Mysterious as a night sky spangled by millions of stars.”

– Evgeniya Besplaya

Valid and Sabrina’s love story began in the heart of Cote d’Azure, Monaco. Sabrina was casually dining alone in one of the most popular seafood restaurants in Monaco – “La Maree” and Valid fell in love at first sight. On the fourth evening he finally recognized the familiar face of his future wife. His prospective bride entered the place with her family and the brave man that he is, Valid went straight to the table, where there were located in order to ask permission from her father to introduce himself to her. The continuation of the story took place in Moscow, where Valid was winning over her hand and heart, and thus began their journey of everlasting love. Their elegant wedding ceremony took place in the cosmopolitan capital of Russia, Moscow.






For two days, we completely transformed the space and changed the site beyond recognition. The decor of the banquet hall welcomed guests to the evening summer forest, filled with glowing lights, enveloped in mysterious haze and magic. The ceiling was decorated with three thousand strands of crystals and hundreds of miniature light bulbs. For Sabrina and Walid, it was very important to be as close as possible to the guests, so we decided to place the gorgeous bride and groom’s table in the center of the hall so that they could interact with all their guests. The table of the couple, just like an oasis, became the main visual accent attracting the eyes of the guests. Greens sprouted through the decorative elements, fluffy moss spread along the stage, weightless snow-white floral arrangements bedecked the venue.







Since the wedding was catered to an international crowd, it was held in two languages – Russian and French and love peoms were written especially for the main celebration. The ceremony had a technically complex musical arrangement: in addition to the preliminary work of the sound designer, two pianists took part at the registrar. It was under his accompaniment that Sabrina appeared on a snow-white podium accompanied by her father.




Preparing for the wedding took the team 3 months. The event took place over 2 days in 2 different locations. On the first day 400 people were invited, 150 of whom were flying from Tunisia. For the team, the project lasted 96 hours, taking into account the time for building locations, two days of activities and dismantling. We had only 10 hours between the first and second day of the celebration, to change the location and be ready to meet the guests again! The two-day project involved 30 managers, more than 300 representatives of catering, more than 80 people of various personnel and 90 artists.




Wedding Planner: We Production, Evgeniya Besplaya

Photographs By: 

Sergey Zaporozhets

Ekaterina Romanova

Denis Shumov