Three Wellness Supplements To Prep You For Your Big Day

The age-old mantra of achieving clear skin and luscious hair has always been to eat clean, sleep well and cut out sugar and other toxins out of your life. And even though there is no magic pill that can make your beauty prep before your big day quick and effective, there are supplements that have proven their worth in wellness and cosmetic health, adding that extra nudge of nutrition, boosting energy and in return, the perfect bridal glow. Add these nourishing catalyzers to your pre-wedding beauty mix and thank us later!



Collagen drinks and topical creams have been the hot topic of 2017, for their impressive effects on improved skin elasticity, reduced wrinkles and acne treatment, just after eight weeks. As active collagen fragments are absorbed through ingestion, they circulate through your bloodstream to your skin and build the damaged tissue to reduce harmful effects of sun damage and everyday toxicity of makeup and other products. The daily dose of a collagen drink will effectively give you a no-makeup makeup filter in real life.

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Omega 3

Ideal for vegetarian brides-to-be, Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for improving overall health and have also proven to aid brain functioning and counter depression. But they’re just as amazing for your skin and hair. Omega-3s hydrate you from inside out, keeping your tresses and skin, shiny and healthy. Keep in mind, though, that wild-caught salmon tends to have higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids than does farm-raised.

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Vitamin H aka Biotin, is part of the group of B vitamins which is essential for producing fuel for cells and supporting cell growth. The supplement does wonders for the body if you don’t get your vitamins from eggs, pork and salmon. Not only will your skin damage start to reverse in the first few weeks of your Biotin intake, but you can notice significant improvement in hair growth and stronger, shinier nails.

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