Top 20 Wedding Trends For 2020!

2020 is here and we can’t wait to witness what this year holds in terms of luxury weddings. 2019 has given us some serious #weddinggoals and raised the bar higher to plan the nuptials. Time changes and so does trends. We spoke to some of the renowned names in the hospitality sector about what trends to expect this year and here’s what they have to say. The rules are out! It’s about getting bigger and better. Colors are the new whites, unconventional and mismatched dresses are chic, sustainable is the new cool. Keep reading to know more about the 2020 wedding trends.


1. Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Weddings!


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Sustainability has been a huge topic in the news for all of 2019 and will continue in 2020. With Princess Eugenie’s environmentally-conscious wedding this year, so many eco-friendly options have popped up for couples. Central to this is drastically reducing the number of plastics used in your wedding and your carbon footprint – and there’s lots of ways you’ll see this happen.

Evelyn Nguyen Van from Zaya Nurai Island, Abu Dhabi says, “Couples are thinking about the bigger picture not just their wedding, but how it can impact the world and make their statement or contribution to something they believe in. We are seeing a smaller wedding party trend especially in European weddings that are concerned that they have not only intimacy but also a smaller environmental footprint. Where Eco-décor and reusable elements considering 3R, reduce, reuse and recycle, where recycling is the last resort – zero waste and zero plastic are trending with the increasing world awareness. Natural settings are largely favored and the wedding décor, flower arrangements and menu as requested to be real, local and seasonal produce thus integrated with the destination/venue selected.”


2. Outdoor Wedding Nuptials


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Along with eco-friendly weddings, Lefteris Tsoukalas from Mitsis Alila Resort & Spa indicates that themed wedding celebrations and outdoor wedding ceremonies with natural lighting and visual effects (on beach weddings, poolside and garden ceremonies) will be the choice of modern couples. Couples are looking for personalization and incorporating vivid elements which reflect their love story.


3. Maximalism


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Go bold or go home! It’s all about adding ‘extra’ and creating something the world has never seen before. When it comes to fashion trends, simplicity takes a backseat as the time has come to take risks and explore untapped areas in fashion designs. “For larger weddings that traditionally can’t be so world conscious, the trend is to go Bold – do something that has never been done before.  Entwine tradition with an unseen backdrop, and discover the unknown in the wedding world.” – Evelyn Nguyen Van, Zaya Nurai Island, Abu Dhabi.



4. Destination Weddings Are A Big Yes!


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Interesting insights came from Mireia Tubau from Barcelona Turisme. “Couples are looking for new destinations for weddings. They are looking for culture, history, and art so urban weddings are becoming trendy. Apart from that, a wedding destination that combines sublime locations, delicious cultural experiences and truly bespoke experiences beyond culture nature and sea combine with excellent flight connections and pleasant weather.” Couples are exploring new places around the globe. The world is their oyster when it comes to the choices. Casey Wagner from Aman Hotels & Resorts says, “Brides, grooms, and planners exploring new, fresh destinations; places their friends have not yet visited or gotten married (i.e. Kyoto, Vietnam, Montenegro), incorporating local culture into wedding celebration, like shaman blessings; street party with food trucks of local cuisine are some of the biggest trends this year.” Tania Marques from Hotel Palacio Estoril suggests Portugal as a popular wedding destination because of its culture, safety, food, wine, hospitality, and climate.



5. Extensive Use Of Colors


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Gone are the days of basic color palettes like the standard white and green, all blush, or neutrals-plus-metallic weddings. Expect the new year to bring about pops of color, new palettes, print mixing, and statement hues that weddings haven’t seen before.

“Flowers and colorful decoration – If it always been one of the most important bullet points on a wedding checklist, we think that it will have a special protagonist in the upcoming years on the wedding industry.”- Luis Goncalves, Hotel Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I, Barcelona.



6. Victorian Wedding Dress


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With celebrities like Ellie Goulding, Sophie Turner, and Princess Eugenie choosing Victorian-style gowns, this trend is rising because of its elegance, statement style, and chic finery. Brides are taking a modern approach by incorporating ruffled necklines, long sheer sleeves, period-inspired layers, and lace.



7. Instagrammable Venues


Venue: @santorini_gem_wedding_venue


Millennials are choosing a picturesque location where it is all about breathtaking backdrops, swooning details, and gorgeous sceneries. Celebrities are leading this trend. Ellie Goulding held her reception at the stunning Castle Howard in Yorkshire, while Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas chose a magnificent chateau in France.

“Hotels, wedding vendors and planners shifting focus to Instagram (away from traditional website) to increase brand impression and define the style in an effort to recruit clients/brides/grooms (clients don’t care about websites and print media as much as Instagram).”- Casey Wagner, Aman Hotels & Resorts.



8. Statement Tablescape


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Gone are the days when a wedding reception had a main centerpiece. 2020 will see a lot of creativity when it comes to dinner parties and cocktail reception tablescape. “The destination wedding industry is getting more and more attractive but also very demanding, so I think the main trends will be on creating unique fairytales world to tell a story and not only put nice furniture and flowers in a nice venue without any connection or story around.” – Hicham Taghi, Limitless Experiences, Morocco.



9. Personalization


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Juana Ortiz Basso from Los Cabos Tourism Board says, “Tailor-made experiences, personalized with a unique style is the top trend for 2020. It’s all about the experience! Fun and memorable activities for the groom and bride as well as for the guests are making their way to a more unconventional wedding.” Iosifina Politi from Santorini Gem adds, “The couples are more driven than ever to offer their guests a unique experience. They want their guests to be actively involved and enjoy the destination wedding experience. Interactive entertainment, surprising decorations/micro-events, and individuality to embrace the destination traditions along with the couples’ culture are the top 3 trends that will rule the destination wedding industry.”


10. Self-Service Bars


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Self-service bars are becoming a trendy approach towards a more fun and casual environment wedding setup. Beer taps and ’70s style cocktail bars let the guests create their own cocktails.



11. Emotional Catering & Molecular Gastronomy


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Donut walls are giving way to more interactive (yet equally delicious) culinary moments. Conveyor belts doll out appetizers, while molecular gastronomy shows up at dinner. Emotional catering is a trend that is definitely going to show up in 2020 weddings. It’s all about the presentation and the flare factor. And flavors are getting an update too. Elina Rantou from Erosantorini also emphasized on theme-based weddings coming into limelight.



12. Light It Up!


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Lights are classical and no matter what. It adds a bright, positive vibe to the wedding setup. Couples are going for string lights and chandeliers. “Strings of lights are still a trend in wedding decoration. From hanging installations to tube lighting and LED bars, the options are endless.” -Florencia Abramzon, El Dok- Haras, Argentina.


13. Pastel Stationery


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Wedding stationery made from recycled paper will be popular this year as well as asking for a donation on the gift list alongside a traditional registry for a cause. Pastel colors are preferred when it comes to stationeries. Expect also to see an experiment with the addition of less expected elements like a colorful wax seal, laser-cut inner envelopes, white ink addressing or printed vellum belly bands. “The couples are facing the wedding as a full experience – a welcome dinner with typical products, local suppliers for the gifts, taking advantage of what the location has to offer.” – Patricia Goncalves, Tivoli Hotels & Resorts.

14. Artistic Wedding Cakes


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Wedding cakes have evolved from the traditional fruit and fondant kinds into towering works of art covered in anything from edible flowers to dripped icing, brush strokes to gin flavoring. Having a big wedding cake is preferred these days and adds a pinch of fun for the couple and the guests.


15. Colored Wedding Dress


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It’s 2020 and it’s about time brides colored outside the lines. White wedding dresses will never go out of fashion but more brides are opting for a non-traditional approach and choosing colors like blush, blue and silver for her special day.



16. Mismatched Bridesmaid Dress


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Who says your bridal party has to be a parade of pink tulle gowns? Mismatched dresses was one of the biggest trends of 2019 and it will continue to be in 2020. The key is to coordinate the dresses well on the D-day.



17. Big Veils Or Nothing


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In 2020, we will see either cathedral-length veils (that reach the bottom of the dress) or no veils at all. Modern brides are replacing the traditional veils with hair accessories like headbands and tiaras.



18. Rustic Theme


Picture Courtesy: @agistudio


Nathalie Lobon from Deco-Flamme Live Production suggests ‘Homestead Elegance,’  ‘Dinner Party Romantic Chic’ and Rustic Wedding as few emerging themes. “These wedding themes incorporate natural outdoor details with elegant, sophisticated elements to create a unique mixed theme that can be seen within all of the emerging trends. In particular, the themes are tied together by a neutral color palette that is set off by lush, romantic floral arrangements of peonies and garden roses.”



19. Interactive Entertainment


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Aurelien Guery from Grand Hotel du Cap-Ferrat, a Four Seasons Hotel shares, “Entertainment is becoming more and more present/important during the cocktail receptions, dinners and after dinner parties: performers, dancers, singers, emotional catering (interactive moments).” To add to this, Carolina Moreno from Banyan Tree Mayakoba also focused on larger events and the importance of unique entertainment for guests.



20. Bohemian Groom’s Dress


Picture Courtesy: @sarakbyrne


Unique, luxury, and personal are top 3 trends from Michelle Phan, InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort, Vietnam. Maximalism is really playing in grooms’ outfits in 2020. As well as keeping their faces fresh, men’s suits will feature interesting finishes and designs, details and layers.




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