Top Tips On Planning A Winter Wedding by Matthew Oliver

The pristine white snow and subdued sunlight can make for the perfect setting for an atmospheric wedding this winter. As the cold weather shows no signs of slowing down in the Western part of the world, with more number of cities experiencing the joy of snow fall this year, we speak to UK-based Matthew Oliver of Matthew Oliver Events to share his tips on making the most of the dreamiest time to say, “I do!”

Matthew Oliver



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Warming natural colours are really the way forward here, dark greens of foliage elegantly draped down long tables with a generous amount of different height white scented candles sporadically placed amongst the greenery, pulls in the natural element with the candles providing warmth and an animation to the table. White flowers local to the area can be used to accent the greenery and lighten it giving depth, we always recommend sourcing locally where possible. Gold cutlery is great for a winter table, complimented by a stunning charger plate and gold rimmed glasses, which reflect the candle light beautifully. Depending on the venue, open fireplaces are wonderful and back lit beautiful linen drapes hanging elegantly above can really add that cosy feel to a large room.



Instead of individual starters, have family style sharing starters, it provides your guests more choice and adds a bit of personality and interactivity to the table. Great for the beginning of the meal!



If it’s somewhere cold your heading for your winter wedding, make sure you do your research first on what it is like that time of year, is there frequently snow? Are people able to get around? Do the airports frequently ground flights? If so then make sure to add in the ‘what if’ scenarios and provide solutions should any of these things happen on your wedding day(s), not only for your guests but suppliers too!



Small things like providing shawls or blankets for guests, should they need to go outside at any time, or umbrellas in case of rain. Little things like this will likely go unnoticed, but will certainly keep your guests happy.​

Vendor Selection​

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If your planning your wedding in an unforgiving winter climate, first look at the recommended suppliers who have worked at the venue or in that part of the world before, it will remove the element of the unknown for any unforeseen circumstances. Though you should only do this if you like them, they have a good reputation and they fit in with the theme of your wedding.​