Tradition With A Twist On Your “ Something Blue ”

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” is a traditional wedding prose dating back to 19th-century England that is still relevant in today’s millennial era. Here are some ways to revive this essential ritual within modern-day nuptial ceremonies.


A Blue Ambience


Photograph Courtesy: @gloryboxproductions 


Why should your “something blue” be limited to something you wear or a snazzy carry on? A flamboyant royal blue reception hall with subtle detailing in white and metallic accents would be the perfect way to showcase your love for all things blue.


Set The Table


Photographs Courtesy: @modernvintageweddings and @ghadablanco 


Subtle nuances of azure in the form of opulent crockery paired with designer furniture against a classy white backdrop is a great way to bring out the blue for a minimalist couple. Muted, pastel hues that will be visible to the keen eye are not necessarily in your face, but provide a sense of serenity through the various frenzied wedding revelries.


Blue Wedding Gowns


Photograph Courtesy: @arinderbhullar 


Along with numerous accoutrements, donning a rich blue wedding gown and walking down the aisle would make for a grand entrance. For a quintessential fairytale-esque look opt for a bejeweled ballgown with glittery trimmings.


Head To Toe


Photographs Courtesy: D’Arcy Benincosa Photography and @kellydillonphotography 


There is no such rule against a true blue wedding ensemble! Get your glam on with suede Valentino lace-ups or a flirty pair of heels. Stylish cobalt footwear adds a touch of whimsy when you’re busting out some killer moves on the dance floor. Treat yourself to a pair of quirky blue shoes embellished with shimmering Swarovski crystals for some good luck on your special day.


Couture Clutches


Photographs Courtesy: Olivia Graham and Charlotte Jenks Lewis


Navy blue couture clutches as a bold statement piece or intricately designed sapphire earrings. A complete investment that you can use even after the magnificent wedding galas.


Ornate Jewels


Photographs Courtesy: Olivia Graham, Katie Stoops Photography and 


Blue bling never goes out of style, the royal Kate Middleton is prime example! Whether it be statement modish jewellery or a sapphire and uncut clustered diamond engagement ring, fine regal gemstones is a subtle nod to the “something blue” that you get to cherish for a whole lifetime.


Cerulean Delicacies


Photograph Courtesy: @anna_krasovskaia


A sophisticated wedding cake symbolising your “something blue” is another way to incorporate this traditional antediluvian wedding rhyme. Through layers of decadent buttercream frosting and various experimental flavours, a vibrant blue outer appearance would be gorgeously lustrous as well as a scrumptious treat for your guests.



Feature Image Credit: @mezhdu_nami_