Unwind Yourself With These 8 Wedding Books To Read In Quarantine!

As we advance through another week of social distancing, isolation, and a purveying sense of stumbling through the unknown, books prove to be an increasingly welcome respite from the dizzying and disheartening news cycle. We have come up with what we think are the best books to read for wedding professionals and make the best use of this time to upscale your skills. Have a look at the list below to see our top books to read when you are in quarantine.


Fête: The Wedding Experience By Jung Lee


Author: @jungleeny


In “Fête: The Wedding Experience,” Jung Lee collects her secrets to wedding planning, including venue selection, music, food, and decor for any budget. These secrets are fleshed out with personal stories and examples from Lee’s ongoing career as a wedding planner. This book is a perfect opportunity for a new wedding planner to learn everything they need to know from an established wedding planner from New York City.


A Great Party By Bryan Rafanelli


Author: @bryanrafanelli


Voted one of the top wedding designers in the world by Vogue, Bryan Rafanelli has designed and produced some of the nation’s most exclusive and high-profile events, including many for President Obama at the White House as well as Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. In his first book, Rafanelli shares his philosophy for creating artful celebrations that convey beauty and elegance while telling a story unique to its hosts. From a seaside destination wedding to a stylish masquerade fete, Rafanelli’s work is marked by stunning statements and clever everyday details.


The Wedding Book By Mindy Weiss


Author: @mindyweiss


If there was anyone to take advice from when it comes to wedding planning, it would be Mindy Weiss, an icon in the industry who has planned events for celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Sofia Vergara, and Channing Tatum. It’s the wedding bible: the most complete, lively, handholding, step-by-step guide to help every couple have a perfect wedding.


Wedding Planning For The Busy Feminist By Amanda Pendolino


Author: @amandapendo


The book dives into wedding planning, wedding budgets, dresses, wedding timelines, family drama, self-care, elopements, DIY decor, receptions, ceremonies, vows, speeches, changing your name, bachelor parties and bachelorette parties, photographers, themes, hashtags, favors and more. It’s also an empowering survival guide that examines how modern women feel conflicted about outdated traditions and expensive social media fantasies but kinda want the perfect wedding anyway.


All the Essentials Wedding Planner By Alison Hotchkiss


Author: @alisonhotchkiss

‘The Ultimate Tools For Organizing Your Big Day.’ This interactive planning book will thrill your inner organizer. It’s chock-full of super helpful lists, timelines, charts, downloadable templates and more—all contained in a cute, 3-ring binder divided by color tabs. From Sausalito-based planner Alison Hotchkiss, this book is more than just a must-have planning tool. It’s also a treasure trove of up-to-date advice covering all aspects of wedding planning, from creating a registry to booking photographers.


A Practical Wedding Planner By Meg Keene 


Author: @megkeene


‘A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating the Wedding You Want with the Budget You’ve Got (without Losing Your Mind in the Process)’ Meg Keene has put together the (practical) companion to A Practical Wedding: smart, clear focused guidance—with a hefty does of reassurance—to help you plan your big day. Think of her as your voice of reason when deciding what you (not your mother-in-law) actually want for your wedding.


Stone Fox Bride By Molly Rosen Guy


Author: @mollyrosenguy


‘Love, Lust And Wedding Planning For The Wild At Heart.’ It’s a fresh take on typical planning handbooks. Ditch the storybook wedding, banish Bridezilla, and walk down the aisle in truth and in style. ‘You are a Stone Fox Bride and this is your bridal guide.’ Molly Rosen Guy founded the brand Stone Fox Bride as an alternative to outdated, plastic-princess wedding culture. Her stylish and subversive approach is being embraced by creative, modern brides who believe in love and romance but have no interest in running off into the sunset.


Wedding Etiquette By Emily Post


Author: @emilypostinstitute


This book touches on all of those sensitive subjects in a modern way. There’s advice on how to handle awkward family situations, how to address envelopes and word invitations, how to choose an officiant, how to blend family traditions, the timeline of events throughout the engagement and during the wedding, and who to include on your guest list.



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