Vintage Jewel Toned Wedding Inspiration

Jewel toned wedding elements are incredibly rich and regal. A colour palette combining a burst of deep burgundy, emerald, crushed violet, turquoise, navy blue, fuchsia, raspberry red, saffron orange with metallic gold hues will definitely spruce up your wedding revelries. Get inspired by these vogueish ideas and dazzle your guests with an elegant jewel toned themed nuptial celebration!


Vivid Invitations


Photographs Courtesy: Papertree Studio and Kristen Weaver Photography


Pick deep tones of burgundy, cobalt and charcoal grey with intricate metallic copper detailing for your wedding invites. The bold, dark colours will definitely elevate the overall design of the contemporary yet opulent stationery.


Magnificent Tablescapes


Photograph Courtesy: @momentsdefinedphotography


Vintage style ornamentations from the table linen to centrepieces and blossom runners, jewel toned accents bring out the natural beauty of your extensive tablescape. Pair the darker hues with minimalistic glassware to add a touch of chic modishness.


Fabulous Florals


Photographs Courtesy: @whitepearphoto and @alantephotography


Opt for a bridal bouqet with lilac verbenas, peonies, blue orchids and red roses. Tie it all together with maroon foliage for some autumnal seasonal vibes. Incorporating jewel toned shades within the floral décor for your lavish festivities would provide for a luxurious atmosphere.


Scrumptious Desserts


Photographs Courtesy: @ruzecakehouse and @ruffledblog


Revolutionise a classic multi-tiered, ivory fondant cake with asymmetrical jewel toned and metallic accents. The super sleek, vibrant patterning will definitely stand out on the plain canvas of a traditional wedding cake. Be sure to organise a grazing table filled with sweet delicacies complete with natural floral adornments.


Colour Washed Décor


Photograph Courtesy: @linandjirsa


For the ultimate jewel toned bash light up your wedding venue with amethyst, navy and crimson colour washed, art deco stylised illuminations. Transform your wedding ambience into a cool, grungy setting perfect for an intimate ceremony.



Feature Image Credit: Mi Belle Photographers