Wedding Cake Trends For 2020!

2020 is going to be a year of sweet tooth. Wedding cakes have their roots in Ancient Rome when marriage ceremonies ended with a scone-like wheat or barley cake broken over the bride’s head for luck and fertility. Traditionally, wedding cakes were made to bring good luck to all the guests and the couple. Long gone are the days that the ubiquitous all-white cake reigned supreme; these days, cake designers are having fun reinventing the wheel and incorporating all kinds of new shapes, colors, patterns, and materials that would have never been dreamt of in wedding cake trends past. Look at some of the unique designs which we will see in 2020!


Sugar Flowers


Picture Courtesy: @isis_cakes


Large sugar flowers along with ferns are quite trendy. With ‘Go-green’ theme being widely incorporated this year, we will see a lot of floral-inspired cake designs this year.  Dahlias, lotuses, roses, and carnations are used with pastel tones to give a subtle look.



Floating Tier Cake


Picture Courtesy: @poppypickeringcakes


A large towering cake with invisible tiers is a super cool addition to the wedding decor. Geometric cakes are getting popular. Precise lines and immaculate detailing creates the most striking, yet understated, effect for decoration. 2019 has seen this trend be experimented with from the pattern of the icing to the actual body of the cake. In this case, it really is all in the details.



Macaron Cake


Picture Courtesy: @cottonandcrumbs


Alternative cakes are still big news on the wedding scene with everything from cheese wheels and towers of macrons to stacks of donuts working as an amazing cake alternative!


Raffled Designs


Picture Courtesy: @marinamachadocakes


For all the art lovers, this cake is a sure-shot showstopper. These ruffles can be designed to be wide and spaced apart or closely gathered to create a dress-like effect. They can also be created as large, fluffy ruffles placed in a straight way, to give a torn paper effect.


Wafer Paper Cake


Picture Courtesy: @petitepivoine_cakes


A versatile way to demonstrate something new and unique. Wafer paper cakes are distinctly used as a symbol of art and are completely edible.


Edible Crystals


Picture Courtesy: @thecakethatateparis


Need something to make your beautiful cake seem straight out of a royal fairy tale? Go for designs in white sugar pearls. If you want it to look glamorous, go for a metallic shade like burnt gold or rose gold. Go for edible glitters if you want to add a touch of ‘luxury.’



Feature Image Credit: @jasmineraecakes