Wedding Furniture Trends

Wedding furniture is a great way to enhance the ambiance of your lavish wedding celebrations. Here are some funky ways to glam up your ceremonial décor.


 Low seating



Cushions, low chairs or Arabic-style seating is becoming increasingly popular. This may be because people are thinking of alternatives to hosting a seated dinner style event. So whether it is a dessert reception, wine and cheese night, cocktail party or a wedding brunch, low, comfortable seating allows for a more fun, less formal look and feel.


Mismatched Furniture



This is especially cool if your wedding theme is an oxymoron like urban vintage or classic modern. By mixing the tables and chairs, you are creating many options for arranging and accommodating guests. Additionally, especially the numerous aerial photographs of your special day will be absolutely stunning.


Location, Location, Location



From a seafood restaurant to a warehouse in Al Quoz or even an island off the coast, the beauty of a place like Dubai is that you have so many beautiful venue options. People are taking advantage of this and moving away from the conventional hotel ballroom to daring to be different.


Statement Furniture Designs



Peacock chairs instead of the traditional thrones at an Indian wedding reception, fruit and vegetable carts to hold flowers, Arabic-style seating to showcase the heritage of the bride or groom, or even the wedding date inscribed in metallic colours, there is now always one element of the wedding that is perfect for Instagram.



All Photographs Courtesy: Paul Harding of Innovative Hiring