Wedding Vows By The Red Sea

“Surprising location, magical views  and creative design, all came together to witness their love story. Hence, we believe that you deserve your dream!”

– Marley Feckry, Decarma MF




Envisioned as a lavish 19th century Mediterranean mansion, Mustafa and Razan’s intimate wedding took place at the stunning La Maison Bleue. The lavish estate comprises of ten charming suites, an exclusive beach and lagoon, luxury spa, exquisite dining and ensures absolute privacy.





Set in Egypt’s charming Red Sea resort town of El Gouna, old-world sophistication, timeless glamour and modern luxuries meet at the beautiful boutique hotel where the guests experienced a personalized ensemble of legendary excellence like never before.





Mustafa and Razan met at a mutual friend’s housewarming party in London. Razan noticed him and with the help of a friend they were introduced. Mustafa took the chance to impress Razan with his dance moves and the few sentences he could speak in Arabic. Five years later, they celebrated their love by highlighting their different cultures. Mustafa is British/ Sudanese and Razan is Palestinian/Jordan and their union brought together a cultural bond that will live on forever. The celebration weekend too place in El Gouna, Egypt with over 40 different nationalities present amongst their friends and family!




Vendor List : 

Design and Concept : Decarma MF 

Construction and setup : Decarma MF 

Florist : Decarma MF 

Catering : La Maison Bleue  

Light & Sound : Decarma MF 

Dj : Nader Sadek 

Cinematography : Silent shutter 

Photographer : Rafik Fouad 

Hair Stylist : Ziad Kurdi 

Makeup : Dina Dimitry 

Acoustic : Nelly Casis