What’s Hot In Lake Como This October

Dream that you are ensconced in a blissful landscape: a mesmerizing lake, it’s shores dotted with vibrant villas and historic towns, with hills and mountains as far as the eye can see, the icy blue of the water juxtaposed against the verdant vegetation of the surrounding hills all coming together harmoniously to give birth to priceless views and breathtaking landscapes. Nestled at the foot of the Alps, is Lario (Lake Como) – one of the deepest lakes in Europe that has a distinctive shape redolent of an inverted Y resulting from years of erosion by the ancient Adda river coupled with the melting of glaciers in the region; that brings this dream vision to life.

Italy’s Lake Como is one of the most scenic hotspots visited by tourists throughout the year and is known for its luxurious and fascinating get-aways. The shores of this stunning lake remain the perfect place to organize weddings, luxurious events and memories that promise to last a life time.

       Million Dollar Views:

It is no secret that Lake Como radiates a sun-kissed vibe and is a stunning locale. Cushioned at the foothills of the majestic snow- capped Alps, Lario is ascribed with one of the most picturesque sceneries in the world. The walk around the shores make for highly instagrammable photos as well as incredibly romantic strolls.

Gastronomical Wonderland:

Food is the heart of Italian culture and the weather in October encourages you to indulge in a hearty feast of Cotoletta all Milanese, the customary Osso Buco, Polenta and experience the fabulous Risotto Con Pesce Persico that highlights the Italians’ love of seafood.

Tantalize your taste buds as you dive into delicious freshly cooked pasta, ravioli, gnocchi and exquisite pizza topped with delicious olive oil at Lake Como’s fabulous Michelin starred restaurants or its quaint, rustic bistros. I recommend you sample the tiramisu as well as the local wine and cheese platters. Don’t forget to indulge in the Frittell Di Mele, Mataloc as well as Lake Como’s traditional Masigott to pamper your sweet tooth.

Fresh ingredients, bold flavours, humble recipes and exceptional cooking define Como cuisine!

 Delightful Weather: Boat Rides and Beach Sojourns

Lake Como starts to cool down in October as summer ends and autumn begins, making it a brilliant escape from the dreary winter weather that otherwise grips Europe at this time. Average daily temperatures rest at around 13°C although higher temperatures of 16°C  are normal too. It is the perfect weather for you to rent a boat and explore the lake on your own, sailing from coast to coast, enjoying the view and appreciating the variety of shrubbery and oleander trees that line the coast. A public boat service is provided by  Navigazione Lago di Como and almost every town has their own dock for the boats.

This is the ideal time for you to relax on sun- kissed beaches and engage in a spot of windsurfing! Beaches can be found in every corner of Lario and are the perfect place for you to let your hair down and relax.

 Breathtaking Towns & Villas:

Lake Como has been a popular retreat for the wealthy aristocrats since Roman times and continues to be a very popular tourist attraction with many artistic and cultural gems even today. Popular towns to visit are Bellagio, Tremezzo or Varenna and a celebrity sighting here is most common! With cobbled paths and narrow alleys, towns here are steeped in their own traditions and it is not uncommon to come across bits of history like ancient medieval churches and monuments, primeval towers, and lovely gardens, which offer a stunning glimpse into its rich past. Moreover you can make a quick trip to view its many villas and palaces such as Villa Olmo, Villa Serbelloni and Villa Carlotta  amongst many others.

The Planners Xtraordinaire Show:

Highlighting a fantastic venue and with an incredible shout out to the world’s leading event designers, the 2nd Annual Planners Xtraordinaire (PX) Show is all set to take place at an exclusive 5-star property in Lake Como from the 29th to the 31st of October. With rave reviews from its first annual that sold out in Dubai last October, the (PX) Show is an exclusive extravaganza that explores a niche market that caters to the lifestyle of the rich and famous. The attendees consist of celebrity planners and milestone celebration specialists as well as luxe properties and creative suppliers; all of whom are actively engaged in bringing their VIP clients dream celebration to life. It is an incredible event, and one that we encourage you to go check out!

With gorgeous weather all through the year, head on over to Lake Como this October, to immerse yourself in its breathtaking views whilst enjoying the scintillating gourmet cuisine and plan gregarious trips to its many alluring villages that highlight the lakes pristine shores.

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