Whimsical Watercolor Wedding Invites

Watercolor wedding stationary is always in style. Intricate details are highlighted against the backdrop of a colorwash effect formed of a soft, hazy colour palette. Whimsical elements such as typography, foiling and metallic tints shine through the subdued colors acting as the perfect canvas for wedding invites. Here are some of our top fave watercolor-based wedding invites that caught our attention!


The Rainbow Effect


Photograph Courtesy: OliveLamDesigns


A colorwash of several shades of pastels, a muted down rainbow colour palette with an ombré effect is subdued from the usual burst of brightness yet conveys the beauty of watercolors brilliantly. The overall look is super romantic and dreamy.


A Splash Of Color


Photograph Courtesy: @marykatemoon


Hues of blue, spell: beach wedding! The blend of blues consisting of turquoise, navy, cobalt, azure and cerulean with stylized calligraphy is simple yet makes a bold statement because of the vibrancy of the colors. Sun, sand and waves, here we come!


Set The Scene


Photograph Courtesy: WideEyesPaperCo


A little sneak peek to your wedding venue through a gorgeous watercolor illustration on your nuptial invites is a great way to entice your guests. Showcase the spectacular ceremony setting and its panoramic views through watercolor wedding invites.


Vintage Postcards


Photograph Courtesy: Lacie Hansen Photography


Get inspiration from vintage postcards coupled with a bold colour scheme such as; magenta or a deep-indigo. The quirky take would surely leave your guests in awe of your exclusive wedding invites.


Botanical Beauty


Photograph Courtesy: @quaintpaperco


Going for a picturesque, elegant look? Opt for a wedding invite with light brush strokes featuring floral patterns in pastel colors. The sophisticated illustrations would make the stationary extremely unique.



Feature Image Credit: @marykatemoon