Whimsical Wedding Wreaths

Ornamental wreaths aren’t just staple décor elements for winter weddings. They can be incorporated within any ceremonial atmosphere throughout the year. Get inspired by these wonderful wreath accents that can be integrated within your very own big day!


Elegant Archways


Photograph Courtesy: @iamflower.co/@theposhwedding


Witness the magical wreath-inspired ceremony backdrop infused with several radiant flowers and gorgeous greenery as you walk down the aisle and towards your one true love. Your guests are guaranteed to fawn over the breathtaking scenic beauty through these hoops of love.


Chic Chandeliers


Photographs Courtesy: @jodiandkurtphoto


Circular wreaths are symbolic of three key attributes that are incredibly relevant towards living a happy married life- unity, strength, and infinity. An overhead chandelier adorned with tons of bright blooms and verdant foliage would make for a brilliant visual masterpiece as well as a great metaphor for a blessed marriage.


Creative Cake Toppers


Photographs Courtesy: @earthandsugar/@jessicalorren/@tinashawal


Wreaths can also be used as a dramatic cake topper. Eucalyptus garlands along with vibrant blossoms could be considered as a non-traditional yet elegant confection topper instead of the usual bride and groom figurines or metallic insta-famous hashtag creations.


Accessories Galore


Photograph Courtesy: @mariewoottonphotography


If you aren’t keen on the inclusion of wreathes as part of your wedding décor, then why not don one as part of your bridal ensemble? All the stylish brides out there can opt for a trendy wreath-inspired headpiece in the form of a floral crown accessorised with dainty ribbons to complete their desired look.


Monogrammed Hoops


Photograph Courtesy: @love_letter_wedding


The couple’s initials can be stylized with a circular shaped floral border atop their sweetheart table for a sophisticated, au natural look. Merge the creation with some strands of fairy lights or dimly lit light bulbs for an added rustic charm.



Feature Image Credit:  @pikpongpol_photography/@theweddingblissthailand/@iamflower.co