Why So Gorgeous, Georgia?

“High on the mountain, I’m all alone,
Sittin’ by the river, Water splashin’ on the stones;
As mornin’ fills the valley, Where before, the night was hung,
I wake up from the wine, But the pines block-out the sun”

-(Brody Blue, 2017)


This Eastern European paradise on Earth is a country less travelled and has a vast variety of attributes to explore. Owing to its rich history, fascinating architecture and sleek romanticism, Georgia is the newest destination on the block for the perfect romantic retreat. Take a road trip amidst lush greenery, unwind amongst great culture and gorge on the authentic Georgian cuisine that ‘The Balcony of Europe’ has to offer.


Tbilisi, The Charming Capital


Photograph Courtesy: Rohan Cahill-Fleury


Tbilisi is a city where the new meets old. The cobblestoned capital is bursting with archaic history as well as modernistic, stylish architecture. Experience the scenic, sweeping views of this treasured city by hopping aboard on a cable car ride. Trail across the wide expanse of incredible monuments such as the undulating Peace Bridge, ancient Narikala Fortress, famous sulphur baths and the towering, Soviet-era Kartlis Deda (Mother Georgia monument).


Caucasus Calling


Photograph Courtesy: @georgiatravel


The majestic, snow-capped Caucasus Mountains are nestled at the intersection of Europe and Asia. Surrounding the eponymous region of Eurasia, the highest peak in Europe, Mount Elbrus is located near the border of Georgia. Drive along the Georgian Military Highway for gorgeous panoramic views of the timeworn, breathtaking alps that are a vision in white.


The Wondrous Viniculture


Photograph Courtesy: www.mygeotrip.com


With a legacy of wine-making culture spanning over 8,000 years, Georgia is home to several traditional methods of grapevine cultivation and wine production. Discover this hidden gem- Kakheti, Georgia’s very own wine region that is known for its picturesque verdant pastures and stunning landscapes.


Architectural Treasures


Photograph Courtesy: www.mygeotrip.com


Wander through the alleyways of Georgia and experience the cultural heritage along with contemporary architecture that radiate romanticism and years of meticulously preserved literature. Visit the intricately designed monuments, stroll past the vibrant houses dotted along the way, and get a gist of fascinating remains of ancient history- all in one place!


Exotic Delicacies


Photograph Courtesy: Shutterstock


It comes as no surprise that when Georgia is a country where Asia meets Europe, the exotic merging of flavours would undoubtedly make for mouth-watering cuisine. Feast upon the iconic khachapuri (baked bread filled with cheese or eggs or meat), juicy pork-and-beef kinkhali soup-filled dumplings and Georgia’s national dish, Lobio made with spicy red beans, walnuts, and onions served in a clay pot. The delicious array of aromas are incredibly enticing and the local cuisine is served up with utmost love.


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