Wishing You A ‘Colorful’ Life!

This might go against everything you’ve ever learned about bridal fashion, but you don’t have to wear white on your wedding day. Back then, brides wore whatever color they liked or the best dress they owned. But all that changed in 1840 when Queen Victoria decided to get married in a bright white wedding dress. Modern brides are taking an unconventional approach when selecting the wedding dress by ditching the traditional white and adding colors to her couture. Have a look at these utterly gorgeous colored gowns for the unconventional bride.


Bold Black


Picture Courtesy: @maggiesotterodesigns

Make a bold statement by wearing this black ball gown wedding. The illusional long sleeves along with contrasting layers of tulle, lace motifs, and Chantilly lace is unconventionally gorgeous; all set for some Victorian drama.

Blush Me


Pictures Courtesy: @zuhairmuradofficial & @pronovias


A major trend for 2018, designers have exhibited a likeness for pink that feels decidedly modern coming in a rosy spectrum for various levels of bold. Have your bridesmaid wear contrasting hues of pink to get that perfect picture. Celebrities like Mandy Moore and Jessica Biel also ditched white and choose to go pink for their respective weddings.


Sensuous Red


Picture Courtesy: @giambattistavalliparis


In Eastern countries like India and China, red is the traditional color for the bride to wear. But if you are in a Western country, this color of love is ideal for a Christmas or a Valentine’s Day wedding.


Exquisite Blue


Pictures Courtesy: @seijifujimori & @sarehnouri


Do you need ‘something blue’ for your wedding? What about a blue dress? Blue wedding dresses aren’t so widespread as pink and blush ones and so, you have a chance to really surprise your wedding guests. Pastel shades of blue look more romantic. But if you seek a creative gown, you are free to have an electric or navy blue dress.


Go Green


Picture Courtesy: @reemacra


If you are having an outdoor wedding consider green as it gives a sense of nature and add holistic vibes to your wedding. Also, combine it with colors like gold, white or ivory to enhance the look. This gold sleeveless wedding dress with an illusion bodice and sheer skirt is just gorgeous!



Feature Image Credit: @verawang