Write Your Very Own Love Story!

Pay a tribute to your all-time favourite stories by writing your very own happily ever after tale inspired by legendary literary themes. There are several ways you can adopt books within your dreamy, fairytale-esque nuptials. Whether you are looking for minimalistic touches or an eccentric grand gesture, fictional volumes are a great way to unleash your inner bookworm and truly express your feelings and emotions to all the near and dear ones.


Vintage Centerpieces


Photographs Courtesy: James & Jess and Sarah Rose Burns Photography


Super elegant and sophisticated, these timeless classics would make for unique, vintage centrepieces at your rehearsal dinner, a plush gala event or post-wedding festivities to culminate the revelries on an epic ever after ending!


Stack It Up


Photographs Courtesy: Yes, Dear. Studio and Dave Robbins Photography


For an extra wow factor, stack up a bunch of vintage, hardcover paperback books and shape it into a whimsical archway under which you can recite your heartfelt vows. A one of a kind statement piece that would definitely grab everyone’s attention straight away!


Book Hangings


Photograph Courtesy: Art Leaves a Mark


Go the unconventional way by attaching fairy lights or lightbulbs strung together from open novels for a magical touch. The dimly lit atmosphere is perfect for an intimate, outdoors wedding whilst overlooking scenic backdrops. Relive your childhood aspirations through recalling legendary dialogues from your prized possessions that would be shedding light on your dreamy marriage ceremony.


Volumes As Table Décor


Photographs Courtesy: Loie Photography, Lens Cap Productions and A Guy + A Girl Photography 


Pick your favourite book covers to create place cards and use library checkout cards as an indication of the seating arrangements as a quirky nod to your love for literature and libraries. If your life is an open book, why not have a literal installation of the same at every table as part of the décor?


Thoughtful Favours


Photographs Courtesy: Shannon Doyle, Brittrene Photography and Pinterest 


Provide your guests with all the bookish goodness in the forms of personalised bookmarks, customised love poems or famous quotes along with book confetti in a jar all in paper book bags to tie in the literary theme as little mementos so that they can reminisce on all the fond memories of the most special day of your life. You could even set up a mini library with various paperbacks for your guests to choose from as their personal wedding favour.



Feature Image Credit: Micah & Megan Photography/https://www.micahdahlberg.com