You Are Worth Melting For!

Behold! Winter is coming. And so are the winter weddings. The fall has officially been dethroned and the gorgeous winter has arrived to remind us that it’s truly the perfect time to tightly hold your lover’s hand and walk down the aisle to seal the deal with a warm kiss. Here are our top 6 ideas for your alluring winter wedding.


Light It Up!


Photograph Courtesy: @tantawanbloom


What can be more gorgeous than illuminating the gloomy wintery aura with some enchanting candle lights! Candlelight setting is breathtaking and often accompanied with hanging votive candles, string lights, chandeliers, and cozy fire pits to create an intimate and warm ambiance for the guests to have a wonderful time. Don’t forget the mulled wine.


Wood Is Good


Photographs Courtesy: @pinterest and @theuttkes


Beat that cold with a unique wood-themed wedding. The combination of white and brown blend well to give a rustic yet elegant feel to your special day. Wooden décor is not just limited to the furniture; you can use this element for your wedding invites, aisle embellishments, backdrops, candle stands or your welcome board.


Pinecone Love


Photographs Courtesy: @rachgraff and @adrimdesign


Incorporate fresh, evergreen touch by placing pinecones on a centerpiece, assortments or garlands. The pinecone bouquet is aesthetically pleasing for brides and pinecone boutonniere adds a rustic yet natural touch to the groom’s dress.


Santa Knows


Photographs Courtesy: @sterlingengagements and @pixelperfectvisuals


There’s a reason why Santa loves red in the snow. And we get it now why! Color of passion and love, red is an impeccable choice for bouquets, cakes, and backdrops. Its dramatic contrast with white has made this combo a popular palette choice for winter weddings.


Metallic Lush


Photographs Courtesy: @blammo_biamo and @toriejayne


Channel your inner snow-queen by giving a glittery touch to your wedding venue. Sequin tablecloth, edible sparkly donuts, and rock-chic sparkling chargers will go seamlessly with your stunning sparkling wedding gown paired up with embellished shoes, stone-studded tiara, and a shimmery gold lace veil.


Let It Snow


Photograph Courtesy: @jaimedenisephotography


Have a ‘chill’ time out there in the snow with your best men and bridesmaids. Contrast colors like blue and brown are trendy and settle perfectly with the white snowy background. Accessorize the dress by wearing floral bracelets or faux fur ribbons to complete your snow-fairy look.


Feature Image Credit: @2ofusphotography